Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jeff Thursday Sept.06/07

Judging by the way the sky looks today I'd have to guess that the summer is just about over which means the kids are back at school(a blessing for some of you I'm thoughts about winter start to creep into ones psyche and remind us of what's to come.For me it means a chance to finish projects that have been put on hold over the summer and time to begin the business of setting up next summer.Oh yeah, it also means a little down time to get some golf in during the fall when it's not so hot. If you're a golfer and I'll try not to bore the non-golfers too much here,nothing beats the fall for golf.You know,a crisp day,a few friends and a flask of single malt...FORE! I am hoping to get home to see my folks in Ontario over the next while and take in the turn of fall there with all the trees and scenery.Quite breathtakingly beautiful and it assures one that there is truly a God who is artistic and has a good sense of humour(have you ever tried to play golf?).
I've been working on a couple other recording projects as producer since I have been home that are in the very early stages.My job as producer means going through all the songs and making sure that they are all ready to be recorded(read completely written) and/or are actually worth recording.It is my responsibility to not waste peoples precious time or money so I try to decide as best as I can what will work and what won't before we actually go into the studio.It isn't an exact science but a little pre-production goes a long way towards stemming a lot of potential wasted time and artistic frustration which can be the ultimate vibe killer.I like to keep thangs fresh and moving along you know...I also did a recording session this week for Alaska DigiTel as guitarist and bassist at one of the main production studios here in Vancouver which was fun.You walk in never knowing what you are going to have to play until you hear the track then you have to come up with something...right now...oh yes,BTW,could you make it real good?Always a challenge that I like.Plus I got to work with one of the good guys in this town(Hey Murray).
Not much to report on Kenny's recording project this week but I am confident we'll be back at the final finishing stages of that CD before too long as I know a lot of you are waiting patiently... tick,tick...
Anyways kids,just wanted to let you know what's up today.See ya...J.