Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jeff Tuesday Sept.09/08

Hey, What's Up?
Yeah, it's been a while since I have had the luxury of time for anything other than work lately and it seems that I am always trying to catch up and take care of 1000 various things. I need an assistant... 
Hope you all had a great summer. We were very fortunate this year to do a lot of very cool shows and I can't think of one flat night for the band. Thank you everybody who came out and supported us over the last few months and a big ass shout out to all the promoters and the production crews for their hard work as well. We did an awful lot of travelling from coast to coast and all points in between...sounds like a ZZ Top song (I think it's Jesus Just Left Chicago...). 
The new Streetheart Greatest Hits/Anthology CD is done. We will now wait for the first copies to be pressed and shipped. It has been a long process but it will be worth it. It looks great and the material is of course great. That's because a lot of it was chosen by you through your requests and through your poll selections. Thanks for your help on that! Now that's done I'll take on the next order of business which is, wash my dirty gig laundry (kidding) update the website a bit and finish Kenny's long overdue solo CD (crossing fingers now). Just so you know, Kenny has put together a very cool Witness Inc. compilation that is available at all of our shows now so, if you remember and were a fan of Witness Inc. and would like to own a copy of all their songs (singles and B/sides) in one nice CD set, this is it. 
For my golf buddies out there... I haven't played golf in 4 months! (so much for getting down to scratch this year. I secretly want to play Tom Cochrane for money you know...lol) which is a drag but it says how busy it has been for the band which is good...sort of. I'd better start practicing again.
FYI, I am hoping to record and shoot some live shows as well this year or early next year since a lot of you have been asking about the possibility of a live DVD. It is a good idea. We have some opportunities to film coming up so we'll see how that works out. 
BTW, if you are interested, I submitted a music spot for the CBC Hockey Anthem Challenge if you wanna check it out. Just go to CBC Anthem Challenge and Type in my name in the search engine. I just felt I should at least put something in. It's kinda like buying a lottery ticket however. You don't really have a hope in hell but I guess that's better than no chance at all. I have heard some good spots up there but who knows what they'll choose. Anyways, if you have some time...OK you kids, I gotta go and work in my basement a bit if I am ever going to get that recording studio built. Bless you all and say a prayer for me to find time to get out on the links...haha. Later.J.