Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jeff Tuesday July 07/09

Hey, what's up?
Well, I have to say that Saturday in Dauphin was an absolute blast. Thanks to Rob and Shelley Woloschuk for bringing us in to do the show and to Tom and Nathan Cooke for their help during the show and thanks to all the crew for that matter. What a great night... I mean, the kind of gig I will remember when I am so old that I can hide my own Easter eggs... We have the best fans. You guys were nuts!!! From our vantage point it was a sea of rockin' faces and I am truly blessed to have had the experience once again. For those of you who were out there, you have my deepest gratitude for making this old dog feel 20 years old again, if only just for a few hours because I sure as f#*k didn't feel like it in on Sunday morning (coulda been the Ballentines)! lol. Kidding of course, it was fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing. I know we'll look back on the summer and this show will certainly be part of the highlight reel... Special shout to Pete for workin' his ass off again for us and making us sound like a million bucks after taxes. Hope you get some sleep soon bro'. And to my boys in the band...(Hey Daryl, how are them shoes doin'?) you guys are an inspiration everynight to me as players and friends although, I wish Jake and Tim would stop beating the crap out of each other in the van but hey, they are too big for me to stop!!! LMAO...Well, if there is one thing for sure about this band, we could probably take care of ourselves if a brawl ever broke out at one of our gigs... not that we worry too much with our great fans and, as I once said to some security guys who were getting a little over zealous about their jobs, "Guys, have you seen our audience? Essentially happy, attractive women and their husbands or dates or, even better, other girlfriends. I mean really what are they gonna do? Hug us to death? I think we're good..."
Well my friends, I got lots of stuff to do today and so do you so, I am outa here for now. I hope that you are good in your heart and in your soul at this moment. Be strong and live life your to the fullest today. I will be back, I promise. I remain as always, your rock and roll servant and remember, the guitar player always solos twice... J.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeff Thursday July 02/09

Hey there,
Happy belated Canada Day (you don't look a day over 140!) to you all. With all the crazy stuff going on out in the world and the turmoil that some people have to live with, we should feel blessed. And I mean not only this day but everyday for being able to live in such a beautiful and essentially, safe country (although, let's not get started on politics as such today, ok?...). I have travelled all around the world and have lived and worked in some great cities and for my money, there is no place better. Different and very interesting yes, but not better. So, shame on those who abuse and take for granted all the rights and freedoms that being a Canadian entitles us to everyday. With that in mind, grab a hockey stick, a cup of Timmy's and uh, let's watch opening day of the CFL (really, the Argos and Ti-Cats?)!!! Ok, maybe not that... No offence (sort of an ironic word choice here) to the CFL, but 3 downs? C'mon guys, if you wanna see a football show then really, it's the NFL. I am a loyal Canadian but there is no comparison in my mind. I know, I know, it's a pure Canadian game and I love sports but, I find it difficult to be compelled to watch a CFL game from start to finish and I watch golf... lol. Anyways, hoping the Canucks sign Marion Gaborik (I think I spelled his name correctly). Oops, hang on...
Ok, just finished a phone interview, so I am back to sign off. We are playing the Dauphin Country Fest this Saturday which I am sure will be a blast. To y'all in that neighbourhood see you there in a couple of days and for the rest of you well, we'll see you soon... Canada, what a great place to live (especially out here on the West Coast!) Lucky us... J.