Monday, December 7, 2009

Jeff Monday Dec. 07/09

Yeah...Well, are you getting ready for Christmas? It's my duty to get outside today and put the lights up. There's big pressure in my neighbourhood to be Actually, we have a wonderful neighbourhood with lots of kids and families and everyone participates and puts on a good show. Perhaps a little over the top but still, in this world, a bit of Christmas cheer is certainly most welcome. Also, I plan to turn any Christmas gift money for friends, into a donation to the Union Gospel Mission (my fav charity here in Vancouver) this year. You can feed around 40 people for $100.00. Come on, like my friends need anything... they all own homes and cars, Macbooks and Blackberry's. I am hoping to give them all a card that says Merry Christmas, you are feeding 200 people today that might not get anything else. I get a little choked up just thinking about doing this one small thing and I am reminded about how fortunate I am. I can only speak for myself here but again, I am grateful for everything in my life. Family, friends, someone to love, a warm home and food. I don't even need to mention the really obvious stuff like getting to make music for a living, working with great guys and having fantastic fans to play for all the time. I know God exists because everyday He reminds me with the life that unfolds before me. For the record, I am blessed and never forget that fact. Thanks God, You rock dude...
Yeah, 2009... we have such a great band and I wish you all knew them the way I do. After so many years, to be able to work with good friends and play for our fans is my real gift. I may not be the richest guy or biggest pop star ever but getting to work with such amazing people is a blessing. Yes, it's true. I have worked with people that I literally, hated to be around, who hated me as well. Isn't it funny what kinds of misery we will put up with in our lives sometimes?
Hey, wanna see a picture of the turkey that Lizzy and I roasted on Thanksgiving? Well, apparently,
you don't have a choice, because here it is. A little back story on why we even have a picture of the turkey... Ok, I am taking the finished turkey out of the oven and our dear friend Glenda (who is of Chinese descent) comes racing into the kitchen with her camera and says, "I need to get a picture of the turkey! It's what we (as in the royal "we") do. We always take pictures of the food!" So, here it is kids, 17 pounds or so of carefully basted, butterball happiness and notorious inducer of post gastronomic naps... Beautiful really and thanks Glenda for introducing to us this fine Chinese/Canadian tradition and let's face it, how many times do you get your photo taken with a turkey? I'm guessing 1 or 2 times in your life, if you are lucky. I mean, this is better than some of the promo shots I've been in over the years. (BTW, doesn't it look like I've been basting myself with a Cab/Shiraz in this photo?) LMAO...
Anyways, just a moment today to say hello and again, I know I've been slack but after a hectic summer and all, it has been nice to take a little break. Oh, right, Liz and I did go to Maui for 10 glorious days. I'll show you photos as soon as I get some. Still waiting for those, ahem...
I'll be back before Christmas and give you a wrap up and what to expect next year from KS&S. I can confidently say it will be a great 2010 and we'll still be moving forward with lots of new stuff for you. Ok, have a great day out there my friends. Remember to be grateful for your good fortune because it can be worse. Give more and expect less...
Peace Out, J.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jeff Monday Sept.28/09

Hey Kids,
I hope you all had a great summer out there. I have been spending the last week finally unpacking and putting away my suitcases and my guitar's (that would be Frank) travel armor and have been trying to account for the last few months. Hmmm.... let me see officer, it"s all a little blurry to me at the moment...
(ok, cue the harp glissando's and with tongue firmly planted in cheek... action!)
I remember, Once I had a house in Africa.... no, no, CUT! CUT!!!!! sorry, that's a movie I saw a long time ago...
Right, I remember, some airports and a white van. People were tossing things in and out and yelling at each other. Not fighting so much. More like dinner at your Italian friend's house. It seems to me there was a moment when a GPS started speaking in tongues to Kenny and was telling us all where to get off. There was a long train thrown in there somewhere (yeah...) and a construction site and a splinter group of crazed, rogue cars driving the wrong way down roads that were not fit for travel. I remember flying to a huge grey city shrouded in smog. It had thousands of tall glass buildings and a sad hockey team that had been cursed by an evil wizard (imagine a grainy picture of Gary Bettman wearing a pointy hat that had been poorly Photoshopped onto his head) who said they'd never win the Stanley Cup ever again. I think there were a few bottles of Scotch thrown (literally) in there somewhere as I can still hear the lonely sound of those empty bottles rolling down a long, dark hallway... ok, so it was the hallway of a Super 8, just work with me on this. There were clusters of people surrounding us and we, bravely making our last stand, Sharpies in hand and the last few copies of the Hits/Anthology (see Moose Jaw) being held above the seething masses like some kind of rock and roll Excalibur sacrifice (Hold fast Boys, no Quarter, my Sharpie doesn't work!!!!!). There were beautiful prairie sirens, bearing themselves and chanting their magic incantations (sing another prairie tune)... "Would you sign these please?" There were flashes of light and a thousand cell phones, all rising in unison like dedicated digital disciples, hanging on our every note...
Only later to be resurrected as unauthorized clips on YouTube and Facebook... yeah. There was the crushing heartbreak of Altona and that phrase, "So, Jeff, any news on the Altona gig?" which will resonate as a harsh reminder for eons. Well, at least for me and Daryl... you had to be there I guess. Somehow, we wind up at the home of Tim Horton and the great Leaf of Coffee (and I don't mean Paul) says to us, "Yes boys, I will bestow upon you all a sweet future of extra large double/doubles and Chocolate Glazed over stares from now until the end of time (or the length of your Air Canada flight delay which is, as it turns out, just slightly longer). However, you still can't get the sausage breakfast sandwich after 10:30am"... There was Lord Stanley's glorious triumph in Thunder Bay and the roars of Kehh-nee!! in Dauphin as we proved that you don't need a Cowboy hat to kick ass... although, we did get some cool hats at the end of the night! I'm wearing mine right now, BTW. Uhhh, wasn't that George Belanger waving at us through someones legs in Kenora? Maybe he was signaling for help or looking for an opener. I don't know... got any grapes?
I remember the WWF moments (in this cornerrrr, wearing the Pearl Drums t-shirt and practicing halftime paradiddles on the back of Jeff's seat... the Irish Assassin!!!!!!! Aaaannnd in this corner, representing the hopes and dreams of Eastern Canada... The Incredible... Jake the Cake!!!... ) in the aforementioned white van and I believe somebody is going to be wearing... the onion sombrero... all... day... long... senor...
Hey, wasn't Daryl telling a joke about how someone had changed and put on some weight... How did the end of that joke go again? Pete, help me out here and use your outside voice please... Oh, I thought you said goat...
There were old friends once again seen and new ones met that we will see again down the road, We have travelled what seems like 100,00 kilometers in planes, trains and automobiles. Well, no trains, but it sounded good... You that shower curtain ring feller?
Somehow, in late September, I find myself hosting a garage sale at my house on a gorgeous Vancouver Saturday afternoon. I look around to see my beautiful girlfriend Lizzy, cocktail in hand, explaining to a potential customer how, in her opinion, the iron she was selling was actually very good, however, it just didn't quite have enough steam for her... ok, are you finished smirking? (Actually, we spent most the weekend in bed watching TV and eating Chinese take away. It was my first weekend home in a few months.) It is at this moment I realize how lucky I am...
So, many thanks to everyone this summer. To all the men and women who put on the shows this year, crews, promoters, drivers and all the great bands we gigged with this summer and most importantly to you, our great fans. Thanks for being an integral part of our summer of '09. We are blessed and again, I really feel like one of the luckiest guys on the planet. We have our Streetheart Hits /Anthology CD out, the Witness Inc. is now out as well and finally in the hands of so many patient and loyal fans and Kenny's solo stuff will be available soon so watch for that. You know we will be doing more shows before the year is done so perhaps we'll see you before Christmas. I am looking forward to those cold, windy runs from van to lobby somewhere down the road soon. Not to mention the NHL regular season is starting this week. Sure am glad to be a Canucks fan. I like our chances this year (7-0-2 in the preseason BTW). Hey, you gotta admit, Gary Bettman would look pretty much at home in that evil wizard's hat...
Rock on... J. Oh yeah... almost forgot, cool photos by Gord LaMonica and David Trace. Cheers dudes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jeff Tuesday Aug.25/09

A few moments to see how you're all doing out there. No twitters, tweets, chirps, barks or oinks, just good old fashioned blogging. Ahh, the good old days... hey, what the... that was only last month. Don't you just love how technology makes you feel so out of touch!
Well, summer is flying by and with sports radio talkin' Canucks here in Vancouver well, you know Christmas can't be that far off. Ok, I've still got tomatoes on the vines on my deck so let's not get ahead of ourselves too much here.
Uhh... I've been booking flights for upcoming gigs the last couple of days and generally catching up on business responsibilities and structuring some semblance of order in my office. It's still kinda early so, I am keeping myself occupied until our agent gets to work so I can begin harrassing him... again. Actually, we are lucky to have a direct line to our guy and that affords us the luxury of knowing and deciding what's going on, at least most of the time, with our lives as opposed to some cynical, bored secretary taking a message which will be passed along as soon as "he gets back from lunch". Yeah... heard that one enough . ( Hey c'mon, gettin' old over here.) Right, it's not as bad as, "If you know the extension of the person you are calling please enter that now". Uh-huh (saying with my best New York/Bronx accent) Yeah, I got your extension number, right here buddy.
Let's see... I'm taking my girlfriend to the PNE tomorrow to eat donuts, candy floss and fish and chips. She believes that it is our duty as loyal and true Vancouverites to go to the PNE every year and eat as much junk as we can and see if we survive. Are you kidding? Donuts, candy floss and fish and chips are all essential food groups right? I've been (literally) on the road most of my life and have basically lived on salt, sugar and grease. That's what keeps my hair so shiny (ok, that's actually A&G Wax). Hey, here's a big, on the road dining tip for you all. When you are far from home in a small town that you have never been to before, always order the clubhouse. Don't ask why, just do it and you'll thank me later when you're not puking. Here is a partial list of things not to order;
1) Caesar salad north of the 52nd parallel (right Daryl?)
2) Fish in any town where the main business is the oil industry
3) Don't ask for french fries in Montreal
4) Pass on any cheesecake served at a gas station restaurant
Other than that you're pretty good to go... just remember the clubhouse. Always a survivable choice. Ok, looks like I am approaching the 9:00am hour which means I can start making my calls and stuff. I'd better eat some breakfast as well since all I've had is 2 cups of coffee so far this morning. I have been using an especially good Italian Espresso blend lately which pretty much gets me so jagged that I'm usually grinding my teeth by now... So, I'm off to find food. Hmm... I wonder if that tuna casserole from last week is still good? Hey, just think of me as a gastronomic Evel Knievel sans the jumpsuit. Hopefully I'll survive breakfast and I'll be back to tell you all about it... bon (scott) appetit. J.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jeff Wednesday Aug 12/09

So, it has been a busy summer (as you can tell by my absence on the blog) and I just got back from 10 days in Winnipeg. We played Harbourfest in Kenora on Aug 01 and that was such a great night. 2,200 people rockin' the house and as our good friend Howard Mandshein from 92 CITI FM said, "The place was electric!". Yes, it was great and personally, I had a gas that night. It sounded big, the crowd was terrific as expected and it really was big time rock and roll fun. Thanks to David Blake and all his staff for putting on such an excellent event and we are looking forward to playing there again. Come on Dave, lets get that return gig back in Kenora before the year is out!! Oops... did I mention I forgot to give back the dressing room key? Sorry man, I get kinda sidetracked after the shows sometimes. Too much to do I guess (I mean, where the hell was the bottle opener!). It's ok, I gave the key to Kenny last week. He'll get it back to John soon... I hope... lol. One thing I do need to mention was, I wanted to apologize to everyone who waited for the meet and greet after the show. As you well know, we didn't show up and that was because the fire marshall decided to shut things down and therefore the M&G was nixed just as we were about to go out to the table. Sorry kids, the fire marshall is king at these events and we all are subject to their decisions even if they seem unfair at the time. Next time... We had breakfast on the lake with some of our friends the next morning and if you have never been in the Kenora area, this is where God goes fishing on his holidays. I may be biased being a Northern Ontario boy and all but really, this part of the world is amazing. Thanks Chris, Big Chris, Rose and Mel for the beautiful breakfast (I ate 14 pieces of bacon Pete...jealous?) and enjoyed one of my personal favorite things, a Sunday morning beer on the dock. What a great weekend...
Last week we played a couple of shows. One in Norway House MB and one in Gillam MB. Both events were first class and we have so many people to thank for the wonderful experiences and great memories to be added to our summer of '09. First of all, thanks to Glenn Ranville for doing such a great job putting together the shows. Everything was spot on. You rock Glenn, let's keep it goin'... To Mike, George and Maria in Gillam, thank you for your generousity and for making us feel so welcome (did I mention all the great food?). We'll never forget it. Also, to Anthony, Vernon and everyone in Norway House our deepest thanks for your kindness and help as well. Thanks to NCI radio and in particular Melissa Spence for giving us some air time and for your help promoting the shows. Finally to all the great people we met who sang their hearts out, you really touched us and again, these memories will stay with us a long time... Aren't we a lucky bunch? Plus, I got to eat free cashews on our private plane... Oh, did I forget to mention our PRIVATE PLANE? Yeah, yeah, just like Led Zepplin and the Stones. We're rockin' now... So, a little catchup on the life and high flying times of Streetheart, soaring swiftly through the skies in the middle of the night... eating free cashews. Perfect really.
Ok, so you are now sorta up to date. Oh yeah, one last thing. Kenny and I were doing some remixes and tweaks on his solo CD (with award winning engineer Howard Rissen) so that project has been re-energized again and I am looking forward to a release date hopefully before years end on. It is good to have the Witness Inc. Singles CD done and we've been getting some nice feedback and response from a lot of happy Witness Inc. fans. Thanks for your patience on that everyone. Yes, I am also working on getting Live After Dark out on CD somehow due to so many requests for it's re-release. Other than Meanwhile and Streetheart, LAD seems to be (at least according to our poll and email) our most popular CD. Funny how life unfolds for us sometimes... That's it kids, I'm out for now. See you soon.... J.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jeff Tuesday July 07/09

Hey, what's up?
Well, I have to say that Saturday in Dauphin was an absolute blast. Thanks to Rob and Shelley Woloschuk for bringing us in to do the show and to Tom and Nathan Cooke for their help during the show and thanks to all the crew for that matter. What a great night... I mean, the kind of gig I will remember when I am so old that I can hide my own Easter eggs... We have the best fans. You guys were nuts!!! From our vantage point it was a sea of rockin' faces and I am truly blessed to have had the experience once again. For those of you who were out there, you have my deepest gratitude for making this old dog feel 20 years old again, if only just for a few hours because I sure as f#*k didn't feel like it in on Sunday morning (coulda been the Ballentines)! lol. Kidding of course, it was fantastic and I wouldn't change a thing. I know we'll look back on the summer and this show will certainly be part of the highlight reel... Special shout to Pete for workin' his ass off again for us and making us sound like a million bucks after taxes. Hope you get some sleep soon bro'. And to my boys in the band...(Hey Daryl, how are them shoes doin'?) you guys are an inspiration everynight to me as players and friends although, I wish Jake and Tim would stop beating the crap out of each other in the van but hey, they are too big for me to stop!!! LMAO...Well, if there is one thing for sure about this band, we could probably take care of ourselves if a brawl ever broke out at one of our gigs... not that we worry too much with our great fans and, as I once said to some security guys who were getting a little over zealous about their jobs, "Guys, have you seen our audience? Essentially happy, attractive women and their husbands or dates or, even better, other girlfriends. I mean really what are they gonna do? Hug us to death? I think we're good..."
Well my friends, I got lots of stuff to do today and so do you so, I am outa here for now. I hope that you are good in your heart and in your soul at this moment. Be strong and live life your to the fullest today. I will be back, I promise. I remain as always, your rock and roll servant and remember, the guitar player always solos twice... J.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeff Thursday July 02/09

Hey there,
Happy belated Canada Day (you don't look a day over 140!) to you all. With all the crazy stuff going on out in the world and the turmoil that some people have to live with, we should feel blessed. And I mean not only this day but everyday for being able to live in such a beautiful and essentially, safe country (although, let's not get started on politics as such today, ok?...). I have travelled all around the world and have lived and worked in some great cities and for my money, there is no place better. Different and very interesting yes, but not better. So, shame on those who abuse and take for granted all the rights and freedoms that being a Canadian entitles us to everyday. With that in mind, grab a hockey stick, a cup of Timmy's and uh, let's watch opening day of the CFL (really, the Argos and Ti-Cats?)!!! Ok, maybe not that... No offence (sort of an ironic word choice here) to the CFL, but 3 downs? C'mon guys, if you wanna see a football show then really, it's the NFL. I am a loyal Canadian but there is no comparison in my mind. I know, I know, it's a pure Canadian game and I love sports but, I find it difficult to be compelled to watch a CFL game from start to finish and I watch golf... lol. Anyways, hoping the Canucks sign Marion Gaborik (I think I spelled his name correctly). Oops, hang on...
Ok, just finished a phone interview, so I am back to sign off. We are playing the Dauphin Country Fest this Saturday which I am sure will be a blast. To y'all in that neighbourhood see you there in a couple of days and for the rest of you well, we'll see you soon... Canada, what a great place to live (especially out here on the West Coast!) Lucky us... J.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeff Tuesday June 16/09

Hey Kids...
It is said that character is defined by who you are under pressure, not by who you are when everything is fine... fair and honest words to live by and it is the exceptional person who can have their character defined favourably under this law. Lately, I have been challenged to measure myself against this and have done, in my own opinion, ok. Nothing heroic, but I have been able to deliver on my word and stay focused under some modest pressure and in the process I have taken away an appreciation and respect for those who have maintained grace under fire during severe crisis and a careful reassessment of those who have fared... not as well under the simplest of situations. It reminds me that if you want something done then ask someone who is busy, not someone who is just hangin' out. There's a good reason for that. It is an intrinsic part of a chosen behavioural belief system that will most likely will never be turned around. At best, we can aspire to inspire people to do the right thing, you know, hopefully lead by example but, be selective on your moments my friends. Once, many years ago I told a great singer, whom I was working with at the time ( and after being berated by him on how we sucked as a band that night and did anybody have anything to say about that) that perhaps he should lead by example after a particularly flat and uncharacteristically (apparently this isn't a word in the dictionary but you know what I mean) bad show for him and he put his fist through the wall next to my I said, pick your moments and respectfully assess the depth of the water before diving in kids!
The truth is I was just thinking of some people I know who have personally had to face some crushing and heartbreaking challenges lately and I know that they have moved through it all with great dignity. I wanted to let them know how much I admire their strength and courage and their ability to maintain a sound perspective. I am a lucky man and my own happiness is a cherished gift. I have friends and family and I know true love. I am part of a great and relevant band and still get to play music for a living. How cool is that? I need to express my gratitude for all of that today and extend to those brave souls out there how much I admire their strength and dignity and to let them know that they are being thought of on the highest level.
Be strong and honor your values... J.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jeff Friday Apr 24/09

Hey Kids,
Just a quick note to say hi. I am still out here and sorry for not posting for a few weeks. I am flat out with producing/editing and also doing some work that is outside of the music domain (house reno's.Come on, you know, Mike Holmes... "This wiring is complete shite!" Does that guy actually drink Maxwell House coffee?) currently and I will get back to you and catch up as soon as I get an hour to myself. Hope you are all good out there. We are busy setting up the summer touring schedule and my agent is busting his hump for us which is really good. Isn't it great to know someone has your back when you need it.? I think people don't always remember that (personally guilty of that). Don't take anyone's kindness and help for granted. You won't appreciate how good things were until they're gone. Blah, blah...Ok, enough hackneyed sentiment for now. I gotta go. Have a great weekend and I'll catch up with you next week...Rock on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jeff Wednesday Apr. 01/09

Well, the Gods have played a very funny April Fools joke out here on the Westcoast and decided to try and make us believe it was January again. You know, I almost fell for it too. I mean, if you looked outside and watched the snow coming down and the felt the way that cold and dampness dug into you... LET'S JUST SAY, it's hard to believe that it's springtime. Perhaps my calendar is fast...
Ok, I just looked at the weather forecast and it'll be 15 and sunny on the weekend so all is normal again. Whew... thought I was back in Winnipeg. LMAO Jake!!!! Come on, you know, what God challenges you with weather wise He/She makes up for it with the quality of people who live there and the friendships made. That's why there are so many great musicians that come from the Peg. It's too freakin' cold to go outside for at least half the year so everybody stays inside and practices all day. That's why we have such a great band. You guys (particularly you, Tim) practice all day, everyday. Bless you for that. Personally I have a tee time for tomorrow so I'll be sorta practicing as well (yeah that's right, my short Ok, seriously, you know me and you know I'll be playing my guitar several hours everyday. I could never show up to a gig unprepared and besides, it's just so much more fun to play when you know what you are doing. That's actually a good thought for anything that you do. Make the effort and life just seems to roll along with a little more freedom of movement. Stay fit and you never get injured, stay well rehearsed and you never embarrass yourself or your bandmates or the worst case scenario, irreparably damage your career and professionally slewfoot your partners... BTW, it's not an issue for me. I have far too much respect for my bro's and our fans at this point in my life. It's all very much worth the effort. Let's face it, if you can't motivate yourself to consistantly be as good as you can be at what you do, without hesitation, then what the f#*k are you doing? Wasting your precious time I'd say. If you need to find inspiration then identify the things that are of irreplacable value to you. I was communicating with a friend earlier today about that and how her deep love for her family and the awareness of that love has inspired her to make changes in her life for the better. So, find your focus or horizon to guide you or just simply remember that the greatest potential catalyst to effect personal change in yourself may very well be to not compromise, hurt or disappoint the ones you love and cherish... 
Sorry, I've been experimenting with this kickass new Espresso blend and it's kinda like high octane rocket fuel. It seems to have bolstered my already passionate perspective on life in case you hadn't noticed... lol. However, I make no apologies for that. My passion is my guide. I am aware of all the good things in my life including family, friends and music and I have a deep love and appreciation for it all. I lose my way from time to time but I usually see the lighthouse (or at least hear the bell) well before I crash into the rocks now. That's what my parents call experience I guess...
They say that courage is not the absence of fear but moving foward in spite of that fear. To all my friends and loved ones stepping up and facing their fears, you have my absolute respect and you are truly an inspiration to me everyday... Peace Out. J. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jeff Tuesday Mar. 24/09

Thanks SF for posting the link in the previous blog to my Rock 101 interview from last week. If anyone wants to check it out the link is,
If that doesn't work go to the last blog and use SF's link.
Self Sabotage... know what it means? Have you ever watched someone you loved or knew enter into this arena? It can be very frustrating and certainly upsetting. Especially when that person isn't really looking at the big picture and is essentially going about this self destuctive business with little or no regard to how they are affecting so many people around them. They are so blinded by this self-absorbed perspective on things that they fail to see the potentially serious damage that they are creating all around them and are driven by this distorted reality that somehow gives them the right to justify their actions simply because all they are aware of is, apparently, their own personal agenda. I have been there. Without exception, it always ends badly my friends. 
Ok, how about this then. There are two things that can greatly affect a schooner. Those two being the sail and the anchor. Both do very different things but are similair when measuring the size of the effect that they create. However, one obviously propels us forward and exhilarates us with it's positive G forces while conversely, the other stops us and creates a static situation that is fine if your intention is to go nowhere and remain exactly where you are or, perhaps, sink.
We constantly need to take stock of our lives and celebrate all the good things that we have everyday and appreciate that it doesn't last forever. Don't take things for granted kids, all too soon they are gone, never to return.
What I am saying is cherish today, make peace with yourself and know that you matter to somebody, perhaps lots of people. Don't let this golden opportunity slip away. We only have one life to live and until there is hard evidence to the contrary, the greatest waste of all is the wasting of time. Anything else can be returned or paid back except time. It moves at it's own relentless pace and waits for no one to catch up. Live well and live authentically my friends. I have already wasted a lot of my younger life and now try to live each day to the fullest extent possible. I am not perfect but I am present as in right here, right now and I'm ready to go. So, are you in or out? Rock on...J.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeff Monday Mar.16/09

Hey Kids,
Monday morning and I'm still recovering (no worries, it's all good) from the weekend and our little roadtrip out to Alberta where we just played a couple of shows. Thursday night in High River and Friday at the Tim Hortons Brier...well, actually the Big Four building, but we and about 4,000 partying curling fans from all across Canada had some big fun there. Firstly, a couple of thanks. To Rob Rogers and his staff for doing such a good job and making the show possible in High River and thanks to everyone who came out and supported us on Thursday night including Warren Ford (thanks for the intro bro') from the Eagle 100.9. I hope we can get a return date sometime soon. AND...many thanks to our friend Roger Powell and his staff for putting on a first class show (this is the Brier I'm talkin' about now) and this includes absolutely everything. We look forward to doing it again and wish you all the best. Shouts to Stuart and Jim for their help in creating the good vibe in the big room and to the boys at All Star...well done as usual, great monitors, FOH, lighting, all top notch and always a good bunch of guys to work with. Not to mention the Alberta Men's team kicking ass (although very close on Friday!) at the Brier kinda put everybody in a good mood. If you weren't having fun on Friday then you were pretty much in the minority. BTW, Tim and Jake, our fantastic rhythm section were on fire this weekend. Thanks for kicking my ass you m#*#!)@$#ckers. FYI, that is the highest compliment possible for any player according to the Musicians/Laymans Guide to Understanding the Language and Nature of Rock and Roll. Lol.
Lizzy and I went to the Celtic Festival here in Vancouver on Sunday and had fun even though it was an unusually cold and miserable day weather wise (read as a beautiful summer day in Ireland). Liz of course, being a Red Headed Celtic Goddess herself fit right in and my Irish heritage was stirred by the parade of pipes and drums. I realize some of you may find bagpipes akin to the sound of a cat having it's tail yanked but for me and other good, crazed Celts the sound is primal and stirs something ancient and powerful and I found myself thinking about how opposing armies must have felt standing there, waiting and literally shitting themselves out of fear, hearing this unknown coming towards them out of the mist. That was the point. It was fully intended as intimidation as much as it was an inspiration for the home team. Standing there in the cold and rain with my beautiful Elizabeth Anne, listening to the pipe and drum corps marching up Georgia Street, I understood and felt, just a little, the ferocity that these men must have fought with to defend their loves and country and though in reality I only wield a guitar, my (some say overly dramatic) spirit understands and subscribes to that ancient take no prisoners attitude. But you already know that about me if you've seen me play...
Hey, I just looked outside and I tell you, for as much as I talk about how great the weather is out here in is a horrible mix of cold rain and snow and chill you to the bone wind. Really, really bad. Oh sorry, that's Michael Jackson (sh'mon, hehe... grab your junk and stand on your toes now). Anyways, not good if you have to go outside. 
Thanks everybody for the comments recently and kudos to Albert Bannatyne for taking the time to get the lyrics for Teenage Rage to SF. Mariha, to answer your question, my favorite band growing up as a kid was The Beatles. They changed my life. I have had many favs over the years but The Beatles certainly were number one and always will be for me. 
Ok, lots to do today so I am out for now...oh yeah, one last thing. The Witness Inc. disc, with the help and co-operation of Universal Music Canada, will be out in a week or so with all the singles and B-sides together in one complete set so watch the website for the availability on that CD. Yes, I will catch up on the massive backlog of email as well. Take care my friends. I'm off to defend my home against the invading horde. Slan go foill... J.  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jeff Thursday Feb.26/09

Hey there...
A few seconds before the business of life musters up it's full force and throws me against a brick wall. I mean that in a good way of course. I love being busy and having lots to do. Funnily enough, it brings my stress level down. I am kinda uncomfortable with nothing to do. What does it all mean?  I never discussed that with my therapist as I was too busy with other pressing matters that somehow held much more importance at the time although, I can't remember any of them now. Guess they weren't that important after all... (thankful for that).
Ok, the Witness Inc. CD is almost ready for prime time. Through the kind co-operation of Universal Music we are finally going to get it released. My apologies to those who have waited so long for this. As soon as have all our legal ducks (I think I like the look of  them Hef style bunnies better somehow) in a row we'll be good to go. 
It snowed yesterday. Shit. Remember, I'm a golfer. You ever try and follow a white ball in the snow? It ain't easy baby... Ah well, there's always something else to do. Oh right, I do have a singer/songwriter that I am currently producing coming in from Calgary this weekend so I guess I'll be busy anyways. Perhaps next week if all goes well and I'm a good boy (wicked smile that you can't see). 
I'm doing laundry today. Boy that's exciting huh? It's all gotta be done and I don't have a maid or butler so... Jeff's laundry service, back in business. It's ok, I'm also the gardener/landscaper so why not? Let's do it all. I mean, I have to be clean as it helps me to think more clearly. Seriously. That's sort of crazy I know, but that's me anyways. Too many years in hotels I guess. You just get used to things being done. Wake up, go have breakfast, come back to your room and voila! clean as if by magic! Yeah, well as it turns out the only magic is a mop and bucket so, let's get at it kids... Alright, that's it for today. Just some ramblings from the morning but I gotta get going here. Life's pretty good as it turns out. It's all way too much fun and I wouldn't trade my blessed life for anything at the moment. Peace my friends. Have a great weekend...J.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeff Thursday Feb.19/09

Yeah, I took a little break and played golf on Tuesday with one of my good friends and I gotta say that it was an amazing day. About 10 degrees but in the sunshine it felt much warmer. I am not sure how many other people in Canada, outside of the Lower Mainland, can say they golfed on February 17, 2009. It basically sums up why I have lived out here for the last 30 years (other than the 11 years that I lived in Australia and Europe between 1986-1997). I love all parts of Canada but when it comes to living year round give me Vancouver. BTW, it doesn't rain all the time... Yesterday I was able to work in the yard most of the afternoon digging up weeds and culling the lush overgrowth. I tell you, if you wanna stay in shape (which happens to come in handy in this Rock and Roll business), work out in your yard for a few hours everyday. I mean have you ever seen an out of shape landscaper? I love doing the work and so does my fabulous girlfriend (as in she loves me doing the work! remember, I'm supposed to be funny here). Don't misunderstand me, Liz is an extremely motivated and focused woman in her own line of work. It's really just about me not wanting her to do it since she does work so hard most days and she is such a gorgeous and delicate beauty that it seems, somehow, not quite right to me. I am kinda old school about these things and really, if I want her to be dirty and sweaty, well, that is something completely different... Ok, we're smiling at the double entendre now. The truth is we have a wonderful life together, I love her dearly and am inspired everyday by her kindness and her beautiful spirit. I am an extremely lucky man and not a day goes by that I don't appreciate all the good things I have. It would be such a shame to waste any of this amazing experience called living at this point in our lives. Personally I have already spent younger years worrying about many things that didn't turn out to be that important after all. Live and love fully today because today is all we have. I know I'm paraphrasing somebody although, I don't know exactly who that is at the moment. I guess that's just where I am at today. I have much to be thankful for between love, work and play and I just wanted to let you know that. Having recently gone through some tough times I cherish all that I have now and I wish you all that same happiness. You've given me a lifetime of great moments and memories that I never lose sight of and you are taking part in a journey that is far from over. So, what do you think, wanna see what's around the next corner?   J.   BTW, was the Soo my friend?    

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jeff Monday Feb.09/09

Hey out there,
First, thanks for the positive feedback on the last posting. It was a tricky subject and a little awkward to discuss even after all this time. However, I am learning that honesty and truth, even when it ain't pretty, is important and somewhat cathartic. Ok, movin' on...
Monday morning , Vancouver beautiful sunny day, gonna be about 8 degrees, yeah,  I know it's not summer but it does feel a little springy (is that a word?). I got out in the yard on the weekend and cleaned up some of the damage from the Christmas snow storms. A lot of broken limbs and branches to deal with but at least no more snow. Had a good week last week in regards to sorting out some Streetheart business and it is interesting that as long as you keep at it things have a way of getting done that is, as long as you have some semblance of respect incorporated in your personal delivery system. Time is a great teacher but then again so is getting your ass kicked. I know the second one real well.
I went and saw our bass player Jake play with the Rankins on the weekend. Jake has been doing that gig long before Streetheart and their February tour slots in nicely with the fact that we are fairly quiet this time of year. The Rankins were great. Real nice production and they were a little more Celtic than country which was appealing to me being a good Irish boy. Some lovely moments, very touching stuff and great singing. Nice to hear quality like that. 
Went to my good friend Johnny Demarco's 50th birthday party. He's a great singer/ songwriter that I co-produced (with him) with last year. Check him out at to hear some of that CD. He's a standup guy with an amazing and powerful story. Take a moment, it's worth it. Anyways, my girlfriend Liz and I went to his party on Saturday which was big fun, you see, he's an East Van/North Burnaby Italian so, too much good food, lots of homemade wine, kids, dogs and some of the best people you could meet. Of course being Irish we get along with the Italians, we got lots in common. You couldn't have a more loyal friend but don't piss us off. (we both have similar ways of getting things done that usually occur late at night) Remember, we never forget anything! So, lots of laughs but a nasty hangover. I think it was mixing Johnny Demarco's Italian homemade wine and Johnny Ferreira's Portugese wine or maybe it was that large glass of Bushmill's Irish whiskey I had when I got home...yikes. Thanks Mr and Mrs. Demarco for the wonderful food and great party. Nice to be a part of it all.
So needless to say Sunday Liz and I layed on the sofa recovering all day watching James Bond movies (the Sean Connery ones, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice)  in HD which we both love so that was a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday. Man, those Bond girls, (I'm talkin' Pussy Galore here) you just gotta love the 60's. I do get more of the double entendre jokes now than when I was 8 years old. Pretty fun stuff. It all seems so innocent now. Ok, I gotta get out of the house and do stuff. I mean, I got a life too! Peace out...J.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeff Thursday Jan.22/09

A message to a friend out there...
I want to talk a bit about being bullied, feeling alone and how that can affect you. Seems when you are in the middle of it all you feel as though you are the only one who has ever been there and that you'll never get out alive. That sense of despair can be overwhelming. I remember it well. As a kid I was bullied severely after my family moved to a new town. I was so ashamed by it all that I never told my parents or my friends till much later in life. It was a daily agony, that sense of fear and it was so debilitating that my usual A+ grade point average plummeted to an all time low (that also was due to some terrible teachers as well at that time). I learned how to dummy down and avoid being noticed. I made some bad choices. Nobody liked a smart kid. Especially dumb ass bullies like the ones from my new school who hung around in small gangs and preyed on anyone who just happened to look wrong to them. When you're 11 or 12 and three guys a year or two older than you surround you (you see, these losers had already failed more than one year of school by that time) and tell you they're gonna kill you after school, well, you just believe them. You learn to run and hide from what seems like impossible odds and all the while you hate yourself for not standing up to them. This is the genesis of self loathing that can follow you into your adult life and hurts your adult choices if you're not careful.
For me I had music. It literally saved me. I was discovering my new talent and I practiced with a vengance born out of personal humiliation. Funnily enough, all my real friends at that time were a little older (fortunately, so too were the girls that hung around which ultimately, turned out to be real good thing, but that's another story...) and we were playing in bands together but they were all already in high school and lived a different life from 8:45am till 3:20pm. So there I was, in this weird temporary position of schoolyard prey by day and fledgling, junior rock star by night. It wasn't till a few years later and I finally got into high school myself that all the bullying stopped for me (not to mention the fact that I shot up to 6'2" over that summer. Funny how size matters.) The ones that hadn't quit school at 16 to work in the textile factory for $1.25 an hour went straight to the special bus and were never seen or heard from again. Those poor bastards. It wasn't till I became a bit older and figured out that "Shit Flows Downhill" theory. They were probably getting the crap beat out of them everynight at home and were taking it out on me during the day. It wasn't me. I was just a generic punching bag for their frustrations and anger. I hope they got some therapy along the way and got it together. Wait, that's a lie. The truth is I hope they're still making the minimum wage and are living a miserable life somewhere...(supposed to be funny).
What I am saying to you my friend, is that you are not alone here and you need to reach out and connect to the ones who love you now. Talk. Identify your passion and persue it faithfully. Give yourself a break. You can't figure this one out on your own. Everyone has obstacles to overcome in life and you can, with good and loving help, overcome any of your problems. Just don't try to do it alone. We need family and friends and don't worry, they will love you and support you through it all. It is worth the effort. Trust me on this...J.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeff Friday Jan.16/09

Hey, what's up...
Thought I'd drop a quick post in before my business day starts and I either forget or simply run out of gas. It's been a good week so far with some new dates coming in for the summer and later on in the year. It looks like we're solid at the Tim Horton's Brier in Calgary on March the 13th so I am now working on some other dates to go along with that if I can with the help of course, of my trusty agent...hey, sounds kinda like a Bond flick "The Man With the Golden Guitar" or hmmm... how about  "You Only Play Twice", no, that sounds like a gig on a cruise ship...ok, how about "Dr. Yes", no, I keep thinking Dr. Seuss. I'd use "Casino Royale With Cheese" but I think Quentin Tarantino (come on, hasn't everybody seen Pulp Fiction? know, "we're gonna get medieval on your ass"," Know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France?") has a hold on that. Ouch. Yeah, yeah...uh, ok, how about..."Thunderballs" no, that's too blatantly pornographic and sounds like either a Mel Brooks movie or the new AC/DC album (gotta love AC/DC ) although, Ursula Andress looked pretty good to me even though I was only about 7 years old (yeah, I had that birds and bees thang pretty much figured out by then). I'm running out of movies... come on Mr. Broccoli help me out here, alright, lets go with "Diamonds Aren't Forever, They're Just Expensive". Somehow that seems to work for me. Lol.
Ok I've run that completely into the ground now. 
Well kids, it's that time to get on to the phone and answer your email (singing...letters,we get letters...). I hope you all have a great weekend. We are, apparently, going to see some sun and warmer weather out here on the Westcoast this weekend which will be welcomed by me and every other moss covered denizen hiding out in their $600,000.00 2 bedroom condos. I tell ya, if it gets over 8 degrees I'm going golfing. Betcha wish you were out here, eh Jake? LMAO. et tu Brutal? Wow, this is a kickass cup of coffee...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jeff Friday Jan.09/09

Hey out there,
OK, catching up on the New Year and I have been answering your emails all morning while continuing to do battle with this evil cold virus that I have. We did have a couple of great shows last weekend in Red Deer (thanks for breakfast Larry) and the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary plus a terrific New Years Eve show in Regina at the Casino there which is always a blast. Great staff (thanks Karen) and kudos to Edgar and all the boys for a production job well done as usual. Hey Edgar hope your eye is feeling better and that your health gets back to normal real soon (ps, thanks for the spare Strat!). 
Yeah...the new Hits/Anthology CD is doing great and it's nice to finally have a good package of all the best Streetheart material for our fantastic fans. Bless you all for your patience and sorry it took so long but hey, I got stuff goin' on! To all those patient Witness fans my apologies on the delay of the Witness CD but it is a business protocol issue at the moment and that needs to be dealt with appropriately and respectfully so, I'll keep you posted but again, my apologies. If I could, I would hand deliver one to each of you and in a utopian state that would be the case but, this is reality so...hang in there kids.
Moving on now...I promised some of you this past weekend (don't worry, I remember you!) that I would keep up with the blog so I am here on that promise even though, I am currently sick, swamped with Streetheart biz and have been up since 6:30am (am I bitchin'?) trying to catch up. I have no idea when I am going to be working on the songwriter part of life which is what I do for a living, allegedly. lol. Actually I am starting on a new project that I am pretty excited about that requires my producing experience (basically that just means being bossy... which apparently comes quite naturally (again, supposed to be funny); see Aries profile) so, I'll just find time and make it all happen. Just glad I don't have a Jack Russel Terrier (or twins...).  Happy to see the rain back in Vancouver again as sometimes that snow thang and Vancouver drivers (not all of you, just that guy in the other lane) create a dangerous mix. Not me however, being a good Northern Ontario boy and all. I mean, we had snow 6 months of the year when I was a kid and we used to have to walk 5 miles to school, carrying a 78 pound sack, uphill, with no shoes, in a blizzard... OK, a little exaggerated yes, but I'm currently having a hypo-glycemic dip and need some food so, that's it for now and we'll see you next time for another exciting and lurid episode of "Who Wants to Be A Rockstar Anyway?" LMAO.
Peace Out,