Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jeff Thursday Feb.26/09

Hey there...
A few seconds before the business of life musters up it's full force and throws me against a brick wall. I mean that in a good way of course. I love being busy and having lots to do. Funnily enough, it brings my stress level down. I am kinda uncomfortable with nothing to do. What does it all mean?  I never discussed that with my therapist as I was too busy with other pressing matters that somehow held much more importance at the time although, I can't remember any of them now. Guess they weren't that important after all... (thankful for that).
Ok, the Witness Inc. CD is almost ready for prime time. Through the kind co-operation of Universal Music we are finally going to get it released. My apologies to those who have waited so long for this. As soon as have all our legal ducks (I think I like the look of  them Hef style bunnies better somehow) in a row we'll be good to go. 
It snowed yesterday. Shit. Remember, I'm a golfer. You ever try and follow a white ball in the snow? It ain't easy baby... Ah well, there's always something else to do. Oh right, I do have a singer/songwriter that I am currently producing coming in from Calgary this weekend so I guess I'll be busy anyways. Perhaps next week if all goes well and I'm a good boy (wicked smile that you can't see). 
I'm doing laundry today. Boy that's exciting huh? It's all gotta be done and I don't have a maid or butler so... Jeff's laundry service, back in business. It's ok, I'm also the gardener/landscaper so why not? Let's do it all. I mean, I have to be clean as it helps me to think more clearly. Seriously. That's sort of crazy I know, but that's me anyways. Too many years in hotels I guess. You just get used to things being done. Wake up, go have breakfast, come back to your room and voila! clean as if by magic! Yeah, well as it turns out the only magic is a mop and bucket so, let's get at it kids... Alright, that's it for today. Just some ramblings from the morning but I gotta get going here. Life's pretty good as it turns out. It's all way too much fun and I wouldn't trade my blessed life for anything at the moment. Peace my friends. Have a great weekend...J.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeff Thursday Feb.19/09

Yeah, I took a little break and played golf on Tuesday with one of my good friends and I gotta say that it was an amazing day. About 10 degrees but in the sunshine it felt much warmer. I am not sure how many other people in Canada, outside of the Lower Mainland, can say they golfed on February 17, 2009. It basically sums up why I have lived out here for the last 30 years (other than the 11 years that I lived in Australia and Europe between 1986-1997). I love all parts of Canada but when it comes to living year round give me Vancouver. BTW, it doesn't rain all the time... Yesterday I was able to work in the yard most of the afternoon digging up weeds and culling the lush overgrowth. I tell you, if you wanna stay in shape (which happens to come in handy in this Rock and Roll business), work out in your yard for a few hours everyday. I mean have you ever seen an out of shape landscaper? I love doing the work and so does my fabulous girlfriend (as in she loves me doing the work! remember, I'm supposed to be funny here). Don't misunderstand me, Liz is an extremely motivated and focused woman in her own line of work. It's really just about me not wanting her to do it since she does work so hard most days and she is such a gorgeous and delicate beauty that it seems, somehow, not quite right to me. I am kinda old school about these things and really, if I want her to be dirty and sweaty, well, that is something completely different... Ok, we're smiling at the double entendre now. The truth is we have a wonderful life together, I love her dearly and am inspired everyday by her kindness and her beautiful spirit. I am an extremely lucky man and not a day goes by that I don't appreciate all the good things I have. It would be such a shame to waste any of this amazing experience called living at this point in our lives. Personally I have already spent younger years worrying about many things that didn't turn out to be that important after all. Live and love fully today because today is all we have. I know I'm paraphrasing somebody although, I don't know exactly who that is at the moment. I guess that's just where I am at today. I have much to be thankful for between love, work and play and I just wanted to let you know that. Having recently gone through some tough times I cherish all that I have now and I wish you all that same happiness. You've given me a lifetime of great moments and memories that I never lose sight of and you are taking part in a journey that is far from over. So, what do you think, wanna see what's around the next corner?   J.   BTW, was the Soo my friend?    

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jeff Monday Feb.09/09

Hey out there,
First, thanks for the positive feedback on the last posting. It was a tricky subject and a little awkward to discuss even after all this time. However, I am learning that honesty and truth, even when it ain't pretty, is important and somewhat cathartic. Ok, movin' on...
Monday morning , Vancouver beautiful sunny day, gonna be about 8 degrees, yeah,  I know it's not summer but it does feel a little springy (is that a word?). I got out in the yard on the weekend and cleaned up some of the damage from the Christmas snow storms. A lot of broken limbs and branches to deal with but at least no more snow. Had a good week last week in regards to sorting out some Streetheart business and it is interesting that as long as you keep at it things have a way of getting done that is, as long as you have some semblance of respect incorporated in your personal delivery system. Time is a great teacher but then again so is getting your ass kicked. I know the second one real well.
I went and saw our bass player Jake play with the Rankins on the weekend. Jake has been doing that gig long before Streetheart and their February tour slots in nicely with the fact that we are fairly quiet this time of year. The Rankins were great. Real nice production and they were a little more Celtic than country which was appealing to me being a good Irish boy. Some lovely moments, very touching stuff and great singing. Nice to hear quality like that. 
Went to my good friend Johnny Demarco's 50th birthday party. He's a great singer/ songwriter that I co-produced (with him) with last year. Check him out at to hear some of that CD. He's a standup guy with an amazing and powerful story. Take a moment, it's worth it. Anyways, my girlfriend Liz and I went to his party on Saturday which was big fun, you see, he's an East Van/North Burnaby Italian so, too much good food, lots of homemade wine, kids, dogs and some of the best people you could meet. Of course being Irish we get along with the Italians, we got lots in common. You couldn't have a more loyal friend but don't piss us off. (we both have similar ways of getting things done that usually occur late at night) Remember, we never forget anything! So, lots of laughs but a nasty hangover. I think it was mixing Johnny Demarco's Italian homemade wine and Johnny Ferreira's Portugese wine or maybe it was that large glass of Bushmill's Irish whiskey I had when I got home...yikes. Thanks Mr and Mrs. Demarco for the wonderful food and great party. Nice to be a part of it all.
So needless to say Sunday Liz and I layed on the sofa recovering all day watching James Bond movies (the Sean Connery ones, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice)  in HD which we both love so that was a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday. Man, those Bond girls, (I'm talkin' Pussy Galore here) you just gotta love the 60's. I do get more of the double entendre jokes now than when I was 8 years old. Pretty fun stuff. It all seems so innocent now. Ok, I gotta get out of the house and do stuff. I mean, I got a life too! Peace out...J.