Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jeff Thursday Oct.11/07

Well...better let you all in in what's up with life a bit...We are taking a little break from the Rock&Roll action for the month of October to do a few things other than playing.Some of us are off on overseas holidays,some of us are staying home and me,well,I am off to Ontario to see my Mom and Dad for a few weeks.You know how that some of Mom's good food,do a few projects around the house with my Dad,play a round or two of golf to get out of the house and sleep in my old room...sort of...actually it was my sisters room but my actual old room is now for my Dad and his writing so I am now down the hall a bit.The same but kinda different.blah,blah...Whatever,I am looking forward to it although it's a little tricky keeping up with the Streetheart business stuff and the website when I am away from my personal computer and have to use the local library facility.You see,my folks don't have or have need of a home computer as they come from that generation where their version of an email was walking out the back door and yelling...JEFF!!!!! DINNER!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! Ironically enough there was no spam to worry about back then other than if you friends Mom served it for lunch. Eeeeaaahhhhh.I was never that big on meat that you didn't need teeth for.Does anybody eat Spam anymore?I'll bet it's not that horrible.But don't ask me.I've been on the road most of my life and there were times(not so much anymore thankfully)when Spam was probably a healthier choice then what we were actually eating.(I think it might have originally been a form of road kill)But we were young and our constitutions were stronger and more tolerant then.If I think about some of the places I've stayed and slept and survived through... jeez...Lucky to be alive!!!!!! Grateful for it all.
So, I'll be spending the weekend getting ready to get out of here then I'm off to the to the great well-known of home.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather as it can be quite beautiful in Northern Ontario at this time of year with all the leaves turning.It can also be shitty,wet and very cold,let's face it,so...hoping for the former!I will try to keep you all posted on my journey as best as I can.The library computer police(read as somebodys Mom with a part time job)there are ruthless! lol.
As you can see on our website(which just went over 10,000 hits BTW,thanks everyone) we have a few dates coming up in November and I don't think we're done yet. Surprisingly enough,the offers keep coming through so as long as they make sense we'll be out there doing shows throughout the winter.I hope to see you somewhere during the course of the season.Kenny and I will also be recording during November and December in Vancouver to finish his CD after being away from that all summer.I am certainly looking forward to getting it done for you all as I am very excited about what we have so far.Kenny is a very special,amazing man and singer(they already know that Jeff,duh) and I know you're going to love what he's doing so it can't be done and released soon enough for me...well,on that note I'll leave you for now but remember kids,I am never that far away.Just a couple of clicks and you're there...There's no place like home...J.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jeff Thursday Sept.06/07

Judging by the way the sky looks today I'd have to guess that the summer is just about over which means the kids are back at school(a blessing for some of you I'm thoughts about winter start to creep into ones psyche and remind us of what's to come.For me it means a chance to finish projects that have been put on hold over the summer and time to begin the business of setting up next summer.Oh yeah, it also means a little down time to get some golf in during the fall when it's not so hot. If you're a golfer and I'll try not to bore the non-golfers too much here,nothing beats the fall for golf.You know,a crisp day,a few friends and a flask of single malt...FORE! I am hoping to get home to see my folks in Ontario over the next while and take in the turn of fall there with all the trees and scenery.Quite breathtakingly beautiful and it assures one that there is truly a God who is artistic and has a good sense of humour(have you ever tried to play golf?).
I've been working on a couple other recording projects as producer since I have been home that are in the very early stages.My job as producer means going through all the songs and making sure that they are all ready to be recorded(read completely written) and/or are actually worth recording.It is my responsibility to not waste peoples precious time or money so I try to decide as best as I can what will work and what won't before we actually go into the studio.It isn't an exact science but a little pre-production goes a long way towards stemming a lot of potential wasted time and artistic frustration which can be the ultimate vibe killer.I like to keep thangs fresh and moving along you know...I also did a recording session this week for Alaska DigiTel as guitarist and bassist at one of the main production studios here in Vancouver which was fun.You walk in never knowing what you are going to have to play until you hear the track then you have to come up with something...right now...oh yes,BTW,could you make it real good?Always a challenge that I like.Plus I got to work with one of the good guys in this town(Hey Murray).
Not much to report on Kenny's recording project this week but I am confident we'll be back at the final finishing stages of that CD before too long as I know a lot of you are waiting patiently... tick,tick...
Anyways kids,just wanted to let you know what's up today.See ya...J.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jeff Wednesday Aug.29/07

Well...another summer is just about over and I wanted to say that it has been great once again. We've toured right across the country and although it's been a little crazy scheduling-wise we got through it all.We had some real highlight shows this summer that all started around May when we played the Red Robinson Theatre in Vancouver/Coquitlam.That was a great night for anyone who was there(and can still remember!) and I have the whole show on multi-track to remix over the fall which hopefully will find it's way onto a new Cd sometime soon.Remember kids,all these projects take time and the co-ordination of a lot of people so be patient...I'm just telling you what I am thinking about doing and we all know how life can be busy,just sometimes not with what we want to be busy with!
We had this amazing trip up to Kincolith BC in the beginning July which,for those of you who don't know,is north of Terrace.We drove through a 300 year old volcanic eruption site that was absolutely mind-blowing it was so huge.Like I said this volcano erupted 300 years ago and was so massive that it re-routed the Nass River and sadly took 1000 lives from the native people who lived in this area.It gives one a renewed respect for the power of nature.Our show was great and really appreciated by the extremely happy and enthusiastic crowd.It was outdoors and the view we had while playing our show of the Nass River emptying into the Pacific was stunning and unforgettable.
Oh yeah,the Grand Prix in Edmonton...I love playing in Edmonton.You guys kick ass!That was a real rock show.A nice big stage.good sound enthusiastic crowd,hot and sweaty...just perfect.Oh,and a great after show party....You guys out there are very lucky to have such a beautiful bunch of girls in your town so be nice to them lol.Speaking of good sound Minnedosa for me...the best sounding stage out there on the circuit. Punchy,powerful and clear and comes complete with its own rowdy mob!Love you guys...Minny is a weekend commitment so it is real hardcore partytime.Hope you all made it home safe and somewhat sound lol.
Oh yes... THE TRIP TO NEWFOUNDLAND. In 2 days I was at these airports... Vancouver,Ottawa,Halifax,Gander.St.John's,Did I mention Halifax?,Toronto and just for fun Vancouver again to top it all off...Well,it was hectic but worth it to do the shows and as always I am knocked out by the friendliness and unconditional generosity of the people out there on the Rock.We could learn some good lessons from them about friendship and helping each other out(Thanks Wayne,hope your grandkids enjoyed the raspberries).Both of our shows in Cornwall(Hey Ray,thanks for everything)and NFLD. went great and I was impressed with how well the people remembered our songs.Ah yes...the curious re-emergence of Streetheart.It is a real thing kids and we have you all to thank for your part in this.
We finished off our summer with a wonderful show in Saskatoon last weekend and played to about 5000 plus fans who had big fun and gave us a show to remember over the winter.We had a chance to meet with a lot of you after the show and literally had to be asked by the staff to wind things down at the end so they could go home.Sorry you guys...we got a lotta friends!Thanks to the city of Saskatoon for putting on such a good party.
So there you go.A little highlight reel or Streetheart's 2007 summer as it were.A lot of good memories for us,some laughs along the way(and some flat out sailor-like cussin' at anybody who'd listen) and as always,great music too.Hope you had some fun along the road with us.We certainly did and I am grateful for it all.See you in September...(I'm singing now)...J.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeff Thursday Aug.23/07

What's happening...the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur with the travel schedule that we've had.I've been out to Nfld.and back plus a trip back to Winnipeg thrown in for good measure.Needless to say I am a little crispy and looking forward to a break in the action for just a little while.I am off to Saskatoon tomorrow to do a show that is being held downtown(Kiwanis Park) tomorrow night.I'm looking forward to playing in Saskatoon again.It is really a lovely city in the summer and the people are always great to play for.I have been doing some phone interviews with the radio stations in Saskatoon that started @ 7:10am Westcoast time plus the all usual daily stuff so I've had a full day so far.Hopefully I can get my desk cleared of outstanding tasks,emails and need to be returned asap phone calls by late this afternoon and perhaps go work on my golf game a bit.For anyone who's ever played or tried to play you learn very quickly that one must practice lots in order to not look absolutely ridiculous on the course and still,that's no guarantee of anything!I play to about an 8 handicap for those who know what that means and for the rest of you it means that sometimes I can play a bit but I am not always that consistant (actually,what that means is...sometimes I stink).Ughh...I need to work in my yard and get it ready for fall as well as get the house painted before too long.Hey!...this rock star thing isn't workin' out like I planned.Where the **** is my butler,chauffer,cook and gardener?Oh right,I just looked in the mirror.
Thanks to everybody who has been coming out to the shows this summer.They've pretty much all been great and thanks as well to everyone who has worked so hard on the shows with us and helped make them happen.Yes,yes we had big fun in Portage last week.Great crowd and we got to meet a lot of you after the show and BTW thanks for being so patient and waiting in line so long.
Hey...if you've got a second there is a site called the and they have a poll there on their site for Canada's best band,singer,song,album,etc and I noticed we had some votes there but we could still use some of your good support.If you have a moment or two check it out and cast your vote for your favs.Uh...I have a good suggestion for best guitarist,that is,if you can't think of anybody... lol.Just something to do if you aren't too,when is that?See ya later,I have another interview to do now....J.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jeff Tuesday Aug.07/07

Tuesday,and just a little rain to freshen up this slightly parched Vancouver.I'm feeling somewhat under the weather myself.Some kind of virus that I am sure I picked up on one of my plane flights during the week.We played Minnedosa/Rockin' the Fields this past Friday and for those of you who were there thanks for the great evening(and those cheeky flashes too,thanks girls!) and if you weren't there well....we had some large fun to say the least.It has always been a great gig and thanks to Tom Cook for inviting us to play and his event staff for a well run concert.We also got to talk to a lot of you after the show at the merch booth and take a few pix so for those of you who dropped by it was good to see you all again and I hope the rest of your weekend was fun.I got a few reports back that said we were the highlight of the weekend(it's ok to blow my own horn you guys,it's my blog,lol...)so thanks for that.We did have a solid show and all the boys in the band felt we were on top of our game so to speak.It really means something to me to be part of a band that has such an important legacy and is still relevant today.I have been doing this music thang for a few years now(hey,stop laughing...I am trying to be serious)so I appreciate that,at this point in certainly my career,I am associated with such gifted players and good men in general as the guys in Streetheart.It is a source of personal satisfaction for me and I am glad that all of you are around as well to enjoy it and be part of it with me.
I have a few days left this week to get some biz(I'm not just talkin' laundry here) taken care of then I am off Thursday to Ottawa.We have a show in Cornwall,Ontario Friday with Helix and Prism and then we travel to and play in Lewisporte,NFLD. on Saturday then I fly home next day to Vancouver.Last time I looked at a map St. John's was closer to Rome,Italy than Vancouver B.C..Sunday will be a long plane ride home so when you get up and have your coffee Sunday morning think of me...and when you go to bed Sunday night think of me again...still flying,still trying to get home,sigh(feeling so sorry for Jeff right now).
On another note I have a meeting in two weeks with our lawyer regarding all of the Streetheart back catalogue and where we stand with that,so,for all of you,"Where the ^%*$ can we get your CD's" people, perhaps I'll have a bit of an update and although probably nothing completely earth-shattering at least a current report.Thanks for being there everyone,have a great weekend and I'll let you know how it all worked out when I get home...sometime very,very late Sunday a galaxy far,far away,after you are all asleep...shhh...J.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Jeff Monday July 30/07

Monday morning and back at it.Hope you all had a good weekend.Mine was the one and only free weekend this summer and basically all I did was sleep!It has been a busy year for me so far so to put my brain into cruise mode for a few days was,I think, somewhat theraputic.However today the guilts hit me and it's like... "come on you lazy bastard.let's get at it" so here I am.Lol. We are playing in Minnedosa/Rockin the Fields this Friday for those of you in the Manitoba/Sask. region.Hope some of you get out for the show.We always have a good time out there and everyone is in that crazy-eyed weekend warrior state having wild fun.Not for the faint of heart!
Is it just me or does it seem as though the band is going through a renaissance of sorts right now?We have had a series of really strong shows this year and the response has been so great and we have had such good positive vibes around the band for quite a while now.I sort of put it down to work ethic and pride in a job well done but we have been getting such good feedback from you all that I am sometimes overwhelmed by how good it all seems to be.There are certain moments during our shows where I feel like I did when I first started out,you know, with all that young,unrelenting,naive and world-changing energy.It feels like we are a new band,not simply going through the motions as I have witnessed with other acts(and I know you know what I mean)but it is more of that busting your ass attitude to prove your worth every night kind of thang.It is a very good feeling.You must know that we could never just cruise through any of our shows and we thank you all for your part in making this band such a great thing for us.
Well kids,I do have some pressing,unavoidable phone business to take care of now so I'm going to have to hit it but I was just kind of feeling like...boy Jeff,you have a good life and a lot to be grateful for.Just wanted to let you know! J.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jeff Thursday July 26/07

Summertime...And the living is easy...well maybe easy but still,certainly very busy.We just got off the road after a couple of great shows in North Battleford and Edmonton at the Grand Prix this past weekend.Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and helped us share some great nights.This summer has been good to us again and we will remain busy until September when I hope to get time to get back to and finish off the other Streetheart projects like recording and the process of that missing back catalogue.It requires a lot of work and it seems that once our summer schedule gets underway there is little time for anything else outside of recovering from the weekend madness(and I thank all you out there for your part in all that usually includes huge quantities of catching up sleep.I mean why do you think we got into this rock and roll band thang?Here's a few of my last weekend highlights that are printable.Thursday morming...up at 5:30 am,ok... pack,shower and out the door into Vancouver rush hour at 6:30am to make the 8:00 am flight,barely.Give the finger to about 74 different drivers who appear to have just got their D.L.'s that morning,almost get a speeding ticket,twice and make it to the airport,fight the business mob for the exit row,grab a quick Tim's and get on the plane.Arrive in Edmonton at 11:30am after losing an hour stand in line at Budget and wait..............oh,here are your cars Mr.Neill.Drive 380 kms(in 2 hours 50 minutes) to Battleford set up,sound check,eat,shower,no sleep, practice, get ready....Daryl's keyboard the show and kick butt.Have a drink after the show,talk with a few fans,sign a few autographs and then sleep for a few hours.BOOM...up at 7:00am drive back to Edmonton(2 hours 30 minutes this time,thanks Pete)and check into hotel.Not much time to spare as we have an early show and I am left with 90 minutes to eat,sleep,work out and get ready. Hmmm....something has to go...let's see,I need to work out,practice and shower. These are the non-negotiable options.So,eat or sleep....mind ticking over...if I sleep now(this time being a total of 20 minutes) I can grab some food from backstage to protein me up just before the show(followed by a couple of shots of J&B for good luck. lol.) Play amazing show at the Grand Prix for wonderful,crazy fans,sweat like I just walked into a shower,sign a few auto's and head back to hotel just in time for the after show party and realize after a few cocktails that hey...I forgot to eat.Oh well there is always tomorrow.Wake up Saturday,get guys off to airport as I am staying in Edmonton with a couple of highschool friends so we can have our 2 day hangout,golf and not sleep much weekend.(A brief excerpt from our conversation...hey you f*^"*^g pr":*^k who used all of the f'">*^#g ice.)As you can see tons of fun and joyful,caring comraderie lol!So there I am Monday afternoon headed for the plane home,falling asleep in the lineup to board,run into Boink and the 5440 boys who are also on their way home,stumble onto the plane,nod off 5 or 6 times,help passenger who gets a pressure nosebleed,get to the Vancouver airport on time(wow),secure all of my luggage(thanks West Jet)drive home in the Monday rush hour which in Vancouver is similair to a chariot race in Rome at the Circus Maximus circa 10 A.D. and finally arrive home Monday evening in time to realize I have no food in the fridge...which is when I notice the bottle of J&B on the,how was your weekend?J.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jeff Tuesday July 17/07

Yes I am alive as some of you may have been wondering...Let me tell you a story 'bout a man named Jeff...I spent the month of June with my Mom and Dad back in Ontario which was really good for my soul.I just hung out and worked around the house,you know,doing the things that are getting a little too tough for them to do.It's the least I can do after 18 years of free food and clothing and safety.I am fortunate to have had a good family to fall back on when I need it.Not to say we don't have our stuff but all in all I consider myself lucky.Anyways the only contact I had with the Streetheart world was my cell and the library computers!You know Mom's and Dad's of my generation are not usually computer friendly...they are still working out the TV remote lol.I tried to keep up with all the email(thanks everyone)but with the library police dragging me kicking and screaming off the computer after an hour so some sweet little old lady could "surf"" for deals on Florida holidays well...I need a laptop to travel with kids.Anybody got a spare Mac Pro I can have?lol.Really I am remedying the problem soon so good for us all!I did drive out to see my folks and the trip was beautiful mostly although the prairies are a little dull after 1500 kms or so.The up side of course is being able to get away with doing 135kph without getting ticketed.Don't try this at home kids...I'm a professional. Yeah right.
The summer has been going well and we have been busy travelling and trying to stay fed and rested during our little weekend warrior trips.It has been good to see lots of old friends out there(Hey Darryl)and I have of course been getting royal crap from you hardcores out there for being slack on the blog...Sorry I have pretty lazy.I am reasonably caught up with life now so I'll have some time to keep up.We are heading out to North Battleford this Thursday at the Casino for those of you in the area and the Grand Prix in Edmonton on Friday which should be fun.When I get home next week I'll get into some detail about our Streetheart summer so far.We have already had some very interesting gigs and events that I'll tell you about later so until then thanks as always for your support and sorry for being away for so long....J.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jeff Wed.May 16/07

Yeah I know,where have you been Jeff...well,actually I've been caught up in lifes business but I finally have a few minutes so...We had a fantastic show at The Red Robinson Theatre/Boulevard Casino on May 11th..Great staff and great facility and to all of you who came to the show thanks for the memorable night!We got to talk to a lot of longtime friends and sign a few shirts and records so all in all a very successful evening and we can't wait to get back.We also had the show recorded by the very talented Ron Cote.Ron brought out his mobile studio and recorded the whole show for us so we now have some brand new recordings of most of the Streetheart classics. Now we just gotta figure out what to do with it all... don't worry kids,I have plenty of ideas and we'll get it out there for you as soon as it's mixed.Yes and finally online merchandise will be available by the end of the month.We have some new shirts and hats coming out as well plus I am thinking about re-issuing some of our old 80's tour t-shirts,you know, kind of a retro thang.I still have all my Streetheart tour T-shirts and some of the old designs were pretty cool so...good idea?what do you think?Looks like we'll be getting around a lot this summer.We have a batch of new dates in the pipeline and I will post them as soon as they are confirmed.I also will be posting,by the end of the month, some new photos from our show in Halifax which we did earlier this year at the Tour Tech Party.TTis a major touring and film support company on the East coast and we were fortunate to be invited to play their annual bash.They put on an incredible evening for everyone and when you see the photos you'll see why.Kenny was in town for a few days and we were working on his Cd.We have decided to replace a few of the songs that we weren't digging anymore with what we feel will be better material for know how that works all you perfectionists out there!'s a beautiful day in Vancouver.Gotta go pay the bills....Later.J.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Jeff Fri.Apr.27/07

Just a quick rant on the weather in Vancouver today...It stinks.
OK thats better...posted a few new dates on our schedule and am currently waiting for a DVD of photos to post on the site that were shot when we played Halifax earlier this year.If you have a good shot and want to send it to us by all means do and we'll post it if it works.You never know where the really good stuff will come from so if you're holding something cool don't be shy and send me an email and attach a jpeg and we might be able to use it if you want us to.Vids too.I probably mentioned sometime earlier that I'd like to see a page on our site with "home" video footage submissions of the band. So if you have...please send!
Electroman thanks again for the logo you put together and I guess I'll have to work on some trivia that is perhaps a little more challenging for your advanced!I'll figure something out.SXFD42...I hope we get out east to see you soon.Thanks for the longtime and loyal support.Yeah,Onemoretime,Kenny was supposed to be here recording this week but he had to go to Calgary on a business trip so we are re-scheduling his project at present which I hope will be soon so we can get this CD of his finished and out to you all.Thanks for the heads up on the Norlander footage.I'd sure like to find some of that.It must be sitting in a vault somewhere.Yes I do have a lot of great songs in my head and demoed as well for a potential new Streetheart album.Now if I can just get the band together at the same time....Thanks to everybody for the great emails and those of you here at the blog.We have learned a lot about where we are at and where we want to go in part because of your input so keep the good word coming. Ok,that's it.It's 10:00 am and I'm still in my pajamas,sorta...I need a shower and breakfast...later. J.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jeff Wed.Apr.18/07

Hey Scidge's good to be back playing with the boys again and nice of you to notice.thanks for Action the lyrics are...Action,Action,read all about it,Action for all about it.Ah yes and another great mystery unfolds.Hope that helps you and put that flute down my son!!!!
Onemoretime thanks again for your support and the caps we have for sale only at the shows as of today BUT I am currently talking to a new company who handles online merch so hopefully I'll get you an online purchase option that is secure and dependable soon.Hang in bro...Kenny's new CD will be all covers of songs Kenny has sang or has wanted to sing over the years.He's such a unique interpreter of material and there will be some cool stuff that you might not expect.Kenny is flying out next week to work in the studio with me in Vancouver so we will be getting that much closer to being done.It takes a bit of time when you have to do these things without the big record label machinery behind you but in the end we'll have a great product that'll be worth the wait.You are right about DWD.There was a lot of great material on that album but personally I feel that it was poorly recorded and produced.Give me that band and that material to redo today and I will make made it a hit record.I am so pleased that your kids are into our music as well.Good songs are good songs and they will always stand over time.I also have noticed a lot of younger people at our shows which is such a thrill.I have had on more than one occasion a young guy or girl come up and say how much they love the music,how their parents played them the songs(thank you you longtime friends!)and how our music is so much better than a lot of what is out today.That's because we're good(gee Jeff,what do you really think lol) and we got that way by playing every night 4-5 sets a night 6 days a week 51 weeks a year.There is no other way.Keep the kids listening!!!!!
Electroman...nice job on the Ace Frehley trivia.OK here's one for me two American artists/groups who covered Hot Cherie?This was a song from DWD that tragically never made it on the album.Man was that producer ever asleep.So were we I guess.
Hey Feriss we'll see you in Vancouver on May 11th.I remember shooting some video footage in Toronto in the early 80's but never saw a copy nor do I know of where to get it.However you have piqued my brain on that one.I'll get on it.Yeah,the old Witness stuff...I don't know exactly where to get it if at all.The singles were Jezebel,Harlem Lady and Forget Her Tomorrow.If anybody knows where to get this stuff let ME know too!I am thinking about posting a spot on our website to show fan shot footage(you know...cell phone movies)I am sure it would be fun to see some crazy crowd perspective show footage.Does that seem like an idea worth persuing?Just some thoughts.Thanks again to all you bloggers out there for your creative and positive comments.Keep the faith.Keep posting.J.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jeff Wed.Apr.11/07

Hey onemoretime!Thanks for the big thumbs up.Yes we had a great show in Winnipeg.For those of you who missed it and I don't just mean Electroman(sorry bro')we had a great evening.Sold right out and what a fantastic noisy mob!!!!! I must say Winnipeg knows how to rock and it is still one of the great music cities in this country.Now if we could only fix the winter weather...
onemoretime... you said some nice things that I really appreciate.It means a lot to me personally that you would notice my playing when accompanying a singer like Kenny.Thanks.I'm glad you liked the new song too(for those of you who missed the CBC Radio 1 show the song was I Don't Wanna Talk About It).It is one that Kenny has personally loved for years and finally has had the chance to record and I may be just a little biased here but you will love the recorded version.As a producer I have worked with and continue to work with all kinds of singers and I will say not many bring to the table what Kenny does.Not only does he check his ego at the door but he always sings in tune and well...he just has that unmistakable voice.Singers like that make producers look good.Having said that,yes,I do bring something to the party as well but enough about staff at CBC were great to us and it was truly a crazy day there with the provincial budget thing but as I say we were well taken care of and Margeaux Watt,who conducted the interview,was knowledgable and she really was enjoying the time we had so thanks CBC for all the good vibes!Good idea too about posting some of the new song clips.I'll get to that asap.Black is Black is another great song fav of Kenny's and it just fits in with the old Streetheart stuff so well.It was originally done by a Spanish one hit wonder band called Los Bravos for you trivia buffs. Kind of a quasi Motown thang which we have brought into the 21st. century.Watch for that posting.I also have some new photos from a few or our shows earlier this year in the pipeline that I'll be posting as soon as I get the DVD to edit.We also have some new Streetheart baseball caps to add to our merch for the summer weather which will be hot again I'm sure(thank you fossil fuel).Wow look at the time...gotta go and get on with my taxes,pay bills,pay for business lunches with beautiful clients... but please don't feel sorry for again for the feedback out there.Keep it coming.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Jeff Fri. Mar.30/07

Hey,I don't even have Storyteller...However,soon it'll all be available on our site.Sorry I haven't been much around this week.I've had family in from out of town and have been finishing up a CD project that I've been producing here in Vancouver.For all of you out in the Winnipeg area, Kenny and I will be on CBC Radio One on April 4th. which is the day before the Winnipeg show at Mybar.We'll be on at 5:00 pm Wpg. time for 1/2 an hour playing a bit and talking about Streetheart so check it out.We've got more dates coming up for us all across the country and as soon as our webmaster gets back from his holidays I'll post the new stuff.As I mentioned in my last last post Kenny is coming back out here next month to work some more on his new CD and I'm hoping to have that finished soon.We've had some delays with life and stuff but it will be worth the wait I promise you.Thangs are good out here on the coast.It finally stopped raining after what seemed like 3 months (and I just finished building my ark too)so the summer lies ahead for us all.Looking forward to seeing you all out there soon at the shows.More to come.J.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jeff Wed. Mar.21/07

Hey Electroman...Appreciate the support.We are doing what we can at present to make our records available to you so stay with us. You can keep informed on our site.Currently I am finishing a solo record for Kenny and that will soon be available as well.He's coming back out to Vancouver to record a few more songs with me and I must say Kenny is singing amazing as one would expect and I'm sure you'll love what he's doing.(Of course I'm biased.He's one of my all time favorite singers...hey boss!)
Got a few new dates.Winnipeg at Mybar,Transcona on April 5th.Get your tickets soon as the Winnipeg shows sell out fast and we always have a great time.For those of you on the West coast we are playing the Red Robinson Theatre at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam on May 11th..We haven't played there yet but I hear through the grapevine that it is quickly gaining a solid reputation as one of the great new rooms to see bands play in so we are looking forward to that.Opening for us will be our pals George Belanger and the Harlequin boys so it should be a fun night full of great songs.Get a designated driver!
Thanks for the emails regarding the site.We are taking all of your info and working to make the site better visually and content wise.Any thoughts are always appreciated.Our webmaster is on holidays at the moment(Hey Loren who said you could stop working!)so I am on watch while he's away.So don't ask me to do anything too gyro.Remember I'm a guitar player.We're not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes.(he says with much feigned humility).
Well,I gotta go.It's springtime and I'm re-doing the basement so it's off with the geek hat and into some coveralls...J.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jeff Thursday 8:53 am

I have been getting a lot of emails regarding our back catalogue.It's really great that so many of you are seeking out Streetheart music but unfortunately it appears to be extremely difficult to find judging by your emails.Even I have a hard time finding any of our old stuff.As you may have probably noticed a lot of your old fav's outside of the typical and obvious reissues are just about non-existant. So...Let's just say,hypothetically,that we found a way to make the Streetheart back catalogue or as much of it as possible available to you.Would you be interested?Which albums would you most likely want to own given the choice and the opportunity to do so?I'm just curious to know.Come on...give me something to work with here.We are getting a pretty good idea in our website polls but I 'd like to be as close to 100% sure as possible.It may be a little way off but it's never too soon to know where you stand.
Looking forward to playing a lot of music this summer.More new dates are beginning to come through and I believe we'll have our busiest year yet.Lots of great shows throughout Western Canada and I hope we'll finally get a chance to play back east again for all of our friends there.It's been too long but still it's been good to connect with so many of you through our website.So stay sharp,we're coming.
Talk to you soon....J.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jeff Tuesday 9:54 am

OK...Yeah Kevin,Storyteller good to know these things about these songs.We are talking a greatest hits CD put together by the band and I'd also like to include a disc of fav album cuts too.Good idea?Gimme some thoughts out there!
We've done a few shows this year that you may or may not know about.In January we played the now famous Tour Tech Christmas Party out in Halifax which is TT'S thank you to friends and clients from all over the North America.Plus it is also a chance to show off all their new gear of which we had the pleasure of using.To everyone in production and setup beautiful job,amazing gear.You guys really know what good is.Everyone in the band was very impressed.Special shout out to the wonderful Lori Laderoute for making us feel so welcome and for the well run and fun party.See you all soon!
In February we played the Casino in Regina which was a sellout show again and we were finally able to do a meet and greet with our friends and fans there .Thanks to all of those who stood so patiently in line to say hello.It means a lot to us all for you to come out and see us.We had a great show even though I had a busted up ring finger that night.For those who heard all the guitar clangers sorry...I only had 3 good fingers!(somehow that sounds weird)All's well again however.Hey Edgar,thanks for the spare Strat and Ian as always, great job!
Finally we played another sold out show at the Winter Carnival in Thunder Bay for 8,000 freezing and fantastic fans.You guys are CRAZY and we loved every minute of it all.To the girl who threw her bra...kinda cold isn't it!Again thanks to Chris Fisek and his staff for a well run show and Wendel Clarke for the intro.Kudos for taking good care of us.Cheers.We also got to see our good friend Greg Malo who as you may know is responsible for almost all the photos on our website.Greg was out shooting again at the show so we look forward to posting some more of his fine work asap.You rock bro'.
Well,I could chat all day but I got a life to lead,songs to write and bills to pay.Later.J.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jeff later Saturday

Hey kids...Well I have a few minutes to ramble on a bit so,why not!First of all thank you Mariha for being the first to find our blog and thanks for the kind words.We appreciate everybody's support and sorry it took so long for us to get out on the web but here we are.Our site is up and running now thanks to the generous gifts of time and talent from those who contributed so much. (doesn't that sound too much like an awards show?)Anyways,we are working to provide an enjoyable and informative site for you all to keep in touch with everything that we have going on currently.If you haven't been to our website yet we welcome you to come take a look at have a few polls for you to answer too if you'd like.Thanks to all who have voted so far.Your input is essential to us.We plan on putting together a definitive Streetheart Greatest Hits collection compiled by the band{finally) and your votes will help us make sure that nobody's favourite song is left out.We have listed what we feel are the popular choices but if you have "others" please enter them.I realize you can't see the list of the "others" but we do keep track on our end.Remember only one vote per catagory per address so vote well!Also,don't be shy about letting us know what you think about the site.ALL comments are noted and honest input directed at us is really helpful and appreciated.Oh yeah, check us at youtube but ,if you're here... then you've already been there so,don't go can email us as well if you want at Ok that's all for now.I know its not a novel but I have a dinner date...see ya! J.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Welcome to the Kenny Shields and Streetheart blog.
Our new website is up as well, and you can visit it at:
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Thanks for visiting.

- KS and Streetheart