Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jeff Wednesday Aug.29/07

Well...another summer is just about over and I wanted to say that it has been great once again. We've toured right across the country and although it's been a little crazy scheduling-wise we got through it all.We had some real highlight shows this summer that all started around May when we played the Red Robinson Theatre in Vancouver/Coquitlam.That was a great night for anyone who was there(and can still remember!) and I have the whole show on multi-track to remix over the fall which hopefully will find it's way onto a new Cd sometime soon.Remember kids,all these projects take time and the co-ordination of a lot of people so be patient...I'm just telling you what I am thinking about doing and we all know how life can be busy,just sometimes not with what we want to be busy with!
We had this amazing trip up to Kincolith BC in the beginning July which,for those of you who don't know,is north of Terrace.We drove through a 300 year old volcanic eruption site that was absolutely mind-blowing it was so huge.Like I said this volcano erupted 300 years ago and was so massive that it re-routed the Nass River and sadly took 1000 lives from the native people who lived in this area.It gives one a renewed respect for the power of nature.Our show was great and really appreciated by the extremely happy and enthusiastic crowd.It was outdoors and the view we had while playing our show of the Nass River emptying into the Pacific was stunning and unforgettable.
Oh yeah,the Grand Prix in Edmonton...I love playing in Edmonton.You guys kick ass!That was a real rock show.A nice big stage.good sound enthusiastic crowd,hot and sweaty...just perfect.Oh,and a great after show party....You guys out there are very lucky to have such a beautiful bunch of girls in your town so be nice to them lol.Speaking of good sound Minnedosa for me...the best sounding stage out there on the circuit. Punchy,powerful and clear and comes complete with its own rowdy mob!Love you guys...Minny is a weekend commitment so it is real hardcore partytime.Hope you all made it home safe and somewhat sound lol.
Oh yes... THE TRIP TO NEWFOUNDLAND. In 2 days I was at these airports... Vancouver,Ottawa,Halifax,Gander.St.John's,Did I mention Halifax?,Toronto and just for fun Vancouver again to top it all off...Well,it was hectic but worth it to do the shows and as always I am knocked out by the friendliness and unconditional generosity of the people out there on the Rock.We could learn some good lessons from them about friendship and helping each other out(Thanks Wayne,hope your grandkids enjoyed the raspberries).Both of our shows in Cornwall(Hey Ray,thanks for everything)and NFLD. went great and I was impressed with how well the people remembered our songs.Ah yes...the curious re-emergence of Streetheart.It is a real thing kids and we have you all to thank for your part in this.
We finished off our summer with a wonderful show in Saskatoon last weekend and played to about 5000 plus fans who had big fun and gave us a show to remember over the winter.We had a chance to meet with a lot of you after the show and literally had to be asked by the staff to wind things down at the end so they could go home.Sorry you guys...we got a lotta friends!Thanks to the city of Saskatoon for putting on such a good party.
So there you go.A little highlight reel or Streetheart's 2007 summer as it were.A lot of good memories for us,some laughs along the way(and some flat out sailor-like cussin' at anybody who'd listen) and as always,great music too.Hope you had some fun along the road with us.We certainly did and I am grateful for it all.See you in September...(I'm singing now)...J.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeff Thursday Aug.23/07

What's happening...the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur with the travel schedule that we've had.I've been out to Nfld.and back plus a trip back to Winnipeg thrown in for good measure.Needless to say I am a little crispy and looking forward to a break in the action for just a little while.I am off to Saskatoon tomorrow to do a show that is being held downtown(Kiwanis Park) tomorrow night.I'm looking forward to playing in Saskatoon again.It is really a lovely city in the summer and the people are always great to play for.I have been doing some phone interviews with the radio stations in Saskatoon that started @ 7:10am Westcoast time plus the all usual daily stuff so I've had a full day so far.Hopefully I can get my desk cleared of outstanding tasks,emails and need to be returned asap phone calls by late this afternoon and perhaps go work on my golf game a bit.For anyone who's ever played or tried to play you learn very quickly that one must practice lots in order to not look absolutely ridiculous on the course and still,that's no guarantee of anything!I play to about an 8 handicap for those who know what that means and for the rest of you it means that sometimes I can play a bit but I am not always that consistant (actually,what that means is...sometimes I stink).Ughh...I need to work in my yard and get it ready for fall as well as get the house painted before too long.Hey!...this rock star thing isn't workin' out like I planned.Where the **** is my butler,chauffer,cook and gardener?Oh right,I just looked in the mirror.
Thanks to everybody who has been coming out to the shows this summer.They've pretty much all been great and thanks as well to everyone who has worked so hard on the shows with us and helped make them happen.Yes,yes we had big fun in Portage last week.Great crowd and we got to meet a lot of you after the show and BTW thanks for being so patient and waiting in line so long.
Hey...if you've got a second there is a site called the and they have a poll there on their site for Canada's best band,singer,song,album,etc and I noticed we had some votes there but we could still use some of your good support.If you have a moment or two check it out and cast your vote for your favs.Uh...I have a good suggestion for best guitarist,that is,if you can't think of anybody... lol.Just something to do if you aren't too,when is that?See ya later,I have another interview to do now....J.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jeff Tuesday Aug.07/07

Tuesday,and just a little rain to freshen up this slightly parched Vancouver.I'm feeling somewhat under the weather myself.Some kind of virus that I am sure I picked up on one of my plane flights during the week.We played Minnedosa/Rockin' the Fields this past Friday and for those of you who were there thanks for the great evening(and those cheeky flashes too,thanks girls!) and if you weren't there well....we had some large fun to say the least.It has always been a great gig and thanks to Tom Cook for inviting us to play and his event staff for a well run concert.We also got to talk to a lot of you after the show at the merch booth and take a few pix so for those of you who dropped by it was good to see you all again and I hope the rest of your weekend was fun.I got a few reports back that said we were the highlight of the weekend(it's ok to blow my own horn you guys,it's my blog,lol...)so thanks for that.We did have a solid show and all the boys in the band felt we were on top of our game so to speak.It really means something to me to be part of a band that has such an important legacy and is still relevant today.I have been doing this music thang for a few years now(hey,stop laughing...I am trying to be serious)so I appreciate that,at this point in certainly my career,I am associated with such gifted players and good men in general as the guys in Streetheart.It is a source of personal satisfaction for me and I am glad that all of you are around as well to enjoy it and be part of it with me.
I have a few days left this week to get some biz(I'm not just talkin' laundry here) taken care of then I am off Thursday to Ottawa.We have a show in Cornwall,Ontario Friday with Helix and Prism and then we travel to and play in Lewisporte,NFLD. on Saturday then I fly home next day to Vancouver.Last time I looked at a map St. John's was closer to Rome,Italy than Vancouver B.C..Sunday will be a long plane ride home so when you get up and have your coffee Sunday morning think of me...and when you go to bed Sunday night think of me again...still flying,still trying to get home,sigh(feeling so sorry for Jeff right now).
On another note I have a meeting in two weeks with our lawyer regarding all of the Streetheart back catalogue and where we stand with that,so,for all of you,"Where the ^%*$ can we get your CD's" people, perhaps I'll have a bit of an update and although probably nothing completely earth-shattering at least a current report.Thanks for being there everyone,have a great weekend and I'll let you know how it all worked out when I get home...sometime very,very late Sunday a galaxy far,far away,after you are all asleep...shhh...J.