Friday, April 27, 2007

Jeff Fri.Apr.27/07

Just a quick rant on the weather in Vancouver today...It stinks.
OK thats better...posted a few new dates on our schedule and am currently waiting for a DVD of photos to post on the site that were shot when we played Halifax earlier this year.If you have a good shot and want to send it to us by all means do and we'll post it if it works.You never know where the really good stuff will come from so if you're holding something cool don't be shy and send me an email and attach a jpeg and we might be able to use it if you want us to.Vids too.I probably mentioned sometime earlier that I'd like to see a page on our site with "home" video footage submissions of the band. So if you have...please send!
Electroman thanks again for the logo you put together and I guess I'll have to work on some trivia that is perhaps a little more challenging for your advanced!I'll figure something out.SXFD42...I hope we get out east to see you soon.Thanks for the longtime and loyal support.Yeah,Onemoretime,Kenny was supposed to be here recording this week but he had to go to Calgary on a business trip so we are re-scheduling his project at present which I hope will be soon so we can get this CD of his finished and out to you all.Thanks for the heads up on the Norlander footage.I'd sure like to find some of that.It must be sitting in a vault somewhere.Yes I do have a lot of great songs in my head and demoed as well for a potential new Streetheart album.Now if I can just get the band together at the same time....Thanks to everybody for the great emails and those of you here at the blog.We have learned a lot about where we are at and where we want to go in part because of your input so keep the good word coming. Ok,that's it.It's 10:00 am and I'm still in my pajamas,sorta...I need a shower and breakfast...later. J.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jeff Wed.Apr.18/07

Hey Scidge's good to be back playing with the boys again and nice of you to notice.thanks for Action the lyrics are...Action,Action,read all about it,Action for all about it.Ah yes and another great mystery unfolds.Hope that helps you and put that flute down my son!!!!
Onemoretime thanks again for your support and the caps we have for sale only at the shows as of today BUT I am currently talking to a new company who handles online merch so hopefully I'll get you an online purchase option that is secure and dependable soon.Hang in bro...Kenny's new CD will be all covers of songs Kenny has sang or has wanted to sing over the years.He's such a unique interpreter of material and there will be some cool stuff that you might not expect.Kenny is flying out next week to work in the studio with me in Vancouver so we will be getting that much closer to being done.It takes a bit of time when you have to do these things without the big record label machinery behind you but in the end we'll have a great product that'll be worth the wait.You are right about DWD.There was a lot of great material on that album but personally I feel that it was poorly recorded and produced.Give me that band and that material to redo today and I will make made it a hit record.I am so pleased that your kids are into our music as well.Good songs are good songs and they will always stand over time.I also have noticed a lot of younger people at our shows which is such a thrill.I have had on more than one occasion a young guy or girl come up and say how much they love the music,how their parents played them the songs(thank you you longtime friends!)and how our music is so much better than a lot of what is out today.That's because we're good(gee Jeff,what do you really think lol) and we got that way by playing every night 4-5 sets a night 6 days a week 51 weeks a year.There is no other way.Keep the kids listening!!!!!
Electroman...nice job on the Ace Frehley trivia.OK here's one for me two American artists/groups who covered Hot Cherie?This was a song from DWD that tragically never made it on the album.Man was that producer ever asleep.So were we I guess.
Hey Feriss we'll see you in Vancouver on May 11th.I remember shooting some video footage in Toronto in the early 80's but never saw a copy nor do I know of where to get it.However you have piqued my brain on that one.I'll get on it.Yeah,the old Witness stuff...I don't know exactly where to get it if at all.The singles were Jezebel,Harlem Lady and Forget Her Tomorrow.If anybody knows where to get this stuff let ME know too!I am thinking about posting a spot on our website to show fan shot footage(you know...cell phone movies)I am sure it would be fun to see some crazy crowd perspective show footage.Does that seem like an idea worth persuing?Just some thoughts.Thanks again to all you bloggers out there for your creative and positive comments.Keep the faith.Keep posting.J.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jeff Wed.Apr.11/07

Hey onemoretime!Thanks for the big thumbs up.Yes we had a great show in Winnipeg.For those of you who missed it and I don't just mean Electroman(sorry bro')we had a great evening.Sold right out and what a fantastic noisy mob!!!!! I must say Winnipeg knows how to rock and it is still one of the great music cities in this country.Now if we could only fix the winter weather...
onemoretime... you said some nice things that I really appreciate.It means a lot to me personally that you would notice my playing when accompanying a singer like Kenny.Thanks.I'm glad you liked the new song too(for those of you who missed the CBC Radio 1 show the song was I Don't Wanna Talk About It).It is one that Kenny has personally loved for years and finally has had the chance to record and I may be just a little biased here but you will love the recorded version.As a producer I have worked with and continue to work with all kinds of singers and I will say not many bring to the table what Kenny does.Not only does he check his ego at the door but he always sings in tune and well...he just has that unmistakable voice.Singers like that make producers look good.Having said that,yes,I do bring something to the party as well but enough about staff at CBC were great to us and it was truly a crazy day there with the provincial budget thing but as I say we were well taken care of and Margeaux Watt,who conducted the interview,was knowledgable and she really was enjoying the time we had so thanks CBC for all the good vibes!Good idea too about posting some of the new song clips.I'll get to that asap.Black is Black is another great song fav of Kenny's and it just fits in with the old Streetheart stuff so well.It was originally done by a Spanish one hit wonder band called Los Bravos for you trivia buffs. Kind of a quasi Motown thang which we have brought into the 21st. century.Watch for that posting.I also have some new photos from a few or our shows earlier this year in the pipeline that I'll be posting as soon as I get the DVD to edit.We also have some new Streetheart baseball caps to add to our merch for the summer weather which will be hot again I'm sure(thank you fossil fuel).Wow look at the time...gotta go and get on with my taxes,pay bills,pay for business lunches with beautiful clients... but please don't feel sorry for again for the feedback out there.Keep it coming.