Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeff Tuesday June 16/09

Hey Kids...
It is said that character is defined by who you are under pressure, not by who you are when everything is fine... fair and honest words to live by and it is the exceptional person who can have their character defined favourably under this law. Lately, I have been challenged to measure myself against this and have done, in my own opinion, ok. Nothing heroic, but I have been able to deliver on my word and stay focused under some modest pressure and in the process I have taken away an appreciation and respect for those who have maintained grace under fire during severe crisis and a careful reassessment of those who have fared... not as well under the simplest of situations. It reminds me that if you want something done then ask someone who is busy, not someone who is just hangin' out. There's a good reason for that. It is an intrinsic part of a chosen behavioural belief system that will most likely will never be turned around. At best, we can aspire to inspire people to do the right thing, you know, hopefully lead by example but, be selective on your moments my friends. Once, many years ago I told a great singer, whom I was working with at the time ( and after being berated by him on how we sucked as a band that night and did anybody have anything to say about that) that perhaps he should lead by example after a particularly flat and uncharacteristically (apparently this isn't a word in the dictionary but you know what I mean) bad show for him and he put his fist through the wall next to my head...as I said, pick your moments and respectfully assess the depth of the water before diving in kids!
The truth is I was just thinking of some people I know who have personally had to face some crushing and heartbreaking challenges lately and I know that they have moved through it all with great dignity. I wanted to let them know how much I admire their strength and courage and their ability to maintain a sound perspective. I am a lucky man and my own happiness is a cherished gift. I have friends and family and I know true love. I am part of a great and relevant band and still get to play music for a living. How cool is that? I need to express my gratitude for all of that today and extend to those brave souls out there how much I admire their strength and dignity and to let them know that they are being thought of on the highest level.
Be strong and honor your values... J.