Monday, July 30, 2007

Jeff Monday July 30/07

Monday morning and back at it.Hope you all had a good weekend.Mine was the one and only free weekend this summer and basically all I did was sleep!It has been a busy year for me so far so to put my brain into cruise mode for a few days was,I think, somewhat theraputic.However today the guilts hit me and it's like... "come on you lazy bastard.let's get at it" so here I am.Lol. We are playing in Minnedosa/Rockin the Fields this Friday for those of you in the Manitoba/Sask. region.Hope some of you get out for the show.We always have a good time out there and everyone is in that crazy-eyed weekend warrior state having wild fun.Not for the faint of heart!
Is it just me or does it seem as though the band is going through a renaissance of sorts right now?We have had a series of really strong shows this year and the response has been so great and we have had such good positive vibes around the band for quite a while now.I sort of put it down to work ethic and pride in a job well done but we have been getting such good feedback from you all that I am sometimes overwhelmed by how good it all seems to be.There are certain moments during our shows where I feel like I did when I first started out,you know, with all that young,unrelenting,naive and world-changing energy.It feels like we are a new band,not simply going through the motions as I have witnessed with other acts(and I know you know what I mean)but it is more of that busting your ass attitude to prove your worth every night kind of thang.It is a very good feeling.You must know that we could never just cruise through any of our shows and we thank you all for your part in making this band such a great thing for us.
Well kids,I do have some pressing,unavoidable phone business to take care of now so I'm going to have to hit it but I was just kind of feeling like...boy Jeff,you have a good life and a lot to be grateful for.Just wanted to let you know! J.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jeff Thursday July 26/07

Summertime...And the living is easy...well maybe easy but still,certainly very busy.We just got off the road after a couple of great shows in North Battleford and Edmonton at the Grand Prix this past weekend.Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and helped us share some great nights.This summer has been good to us again and we will remain busy until September when I hope to get time to get back to and finish off the other Streetheart projects like recording and the process of that missing back catalogue.It requires a lot of work and it seems that once our summer schedule gets underway there is little time for anything else outside of recovering from the weekend madness(and I thank all you out there for your part in all that usually includes huge quantities of catching up sleep.I mean why do you think we got into this rock and roll band thang?Here's a few of my last weekend highlights that are printable.Thursday morming...up at 5:30 am,ok... pack,shower and out the door into Vancouver rush hour at 6:30am to make the 8:00 am flight,barely.Give the finger to about 74 different drivers who appear to have just got their D.L.'s that morning,almost get a speeding ticket,twice and make it to the airport,fight the business mob for the exit row,grab a quick Tim's and get on the plane.Arrive in Edmonton at 11:30am after losing an hour stand in line at Budget and wait..............oh,here are your cars Mr.Neill.Drive 380 kms(in 2 hours 50 minutes) to Battleford set up,sound check,eat,shower,no sleep, practice, get ready....Daryl's keyboard the show and kick butt.Have a drink after the show,talk with a few fans,sign a few autographs and then sleep for a few hours.BOOM...up at 7:00am drive back to Edmonton(2 hours 30 minutes this time,thanks Pete)and check into hotel.Not much time to spare as we have an early show and I am left with 90 minutes to eat,sleep,work out and get ready. Hmmm....something has to go...let's see,I need to work out,practice and shower. These are the non-negotiable options.So,eat or sleep....mind ticking over...if I sleep now(this time being a total of 20 minutes) I can grab some food from backstage to protein me up just before the show(followed by a couple of shots of J&B for good luck. lol.) Play amazing show at the Grand Prix for wonderful,crazy fans,sweat like I just walked into a shower,sign a few auto's and head back to hotel just in time for the after show party and realize after a few cocktails that hey...I forgot to eat.Oh well there is always tomorrow.Wake up Saturday,get guys off to airport as I am staying in Edmonton with a couple of highschool friends so we can have our 2 day hangout,golf and not sleep much weekend.(A brief excerpt from our conversation...hey you f*^"*^g pr":*^k who used all of the f'">*^#g ice.)As you can see tons of fun and joyful,caring comraderie lol!So there I am Monday afternoon headed for the plane home,falling asleep in the lineup to board,run into Boink and the 5440 boys who are also on their way home,stumble onto the plane,nod off 5 or 6 times,help passenger who gets a pressure nosebleed,get to the Vancouver airport on time(wow),secure all of my luggage(thanks West Jet)drive home in the Monday rush hour which in Vancouver is similair to a chariot race in Rome at the Circus Maximus circa 10 A.D. and finally arrive home Monday evening in time to realize I have no food in the fridge...which is when I notice the bottle of J&B on the,how was your weekend?J.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jeff Tuesday July 17/07

Yes I am alive as some of you may have been wondering...Let me tell you a story 'bout a man named Jeff...I spent the month of June with my Mom and Dad back in Ontario which was really good for my soul.I just hung out and worked around the house,you know,doing the things that are getting a little too tough for them to do.It's the least I can do after 18 years of free food and clothing and safety.I am fortunate to have had a good family to fall back on when I need it.Not to say we don't have our stuff but all in all I consider myself lucky.Anyways the only contact I had with the Streetheart world was my cell and the library computers!You know Mom's and Dad's of my generation are not usually computer friendly...they are still working out the TV remote lol.I tried to keep up with all the email(thanks everyone)but with the library police dragging me kicking and screaming off the computer after an hour so some sweet little old lady could "surf"" for deals on Florida holidays well...I need a laptop to travel with kids.Anybody got a spare Mac Pro I can have?lol.Really I am remedying the problem soon so good for us all!I did drive out to see my folks and the trip was beautiful mostly although the prairies are a little dull after 1500 kms or so.The up side of course is being able to get away with doing 135kph without getting ticketed.Don't try this at home kids...I'm a professional. Yeah right.
The summer has been going well and we have been busy travelling and trying to stay fed and rested during our little weekend warrior trips.It has been good to see lots of old friends out there(Hey Darryl)and I have of course been getting royal crap from you hardcores out there for being slack on the blog...Sorry I have pretty lazy.I am reasonably caught up with life now so I'll have some time to keep up.We are heading out to North Battleford this Thursday at the Casino for those of you in the area and the Grand Prix in Edmonton on Friday which should be fun.When I get home next week I'll get into some detail about our Streetheart summer so far.We have already had some very interesting gigs and events that I'll tell you about later so until then thanks as always for your support and sorry for being away for so long....J.