Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jeff Sunday Dec.14/08

Hey out there...Yes, it's been a while but it's not like I haven't had anything to do...The Greatest Hits/Anthology CD is finally done and I am now working on some retail distribution solutions for those of you who can't get out to a show and get a copy or don't have access to online purchasing. That is going to take some time but hopefully it'll be sooner than later. The disc has been very well received so far and we thank you all for that. We are very proud of what we've accomplished with this and it is the set we've always wanted for our fans. You're the best and we've tried to give a bit of that love back with this collection. You have all given us an amazing ride and it's been a lot longer than I would have ever thought possible! 2009 is right around the corner and things look really great (read busy) for the New Year already. I anticipate lots of travel and even more shows than ever for us in the coming year especially this summer. All the boys are in good spirits and I am grateful to continue to work with such a good bunch of blokes. This rock and roll thang is still pretty cool and personally I give thanks everyday for my good fortune. Of course, there are those overwhelming days but hey, everybody got stuff goin' on...that's life I guess. All in all I know I am a very lucky man.
Christmas has kinda snuck up on me and I find myself more stressed than usual with life and it's responsibilities and I am working hard to find some Christmas spirit. Not that I am whining here, it's just that I wish I could shut things down inside my own head for a while and truly feel relaxed inside of myself...hang on, I gotta grab the phone. It's my lawyer...(no, I'm not in trouble I am just asking some business questions that I need to understand by tomorrow morning). 
Hey, I played golf last week and that was a very cool thing to do this time of year. The upside of living on the West Coast I guess. I wonder if anybody was a Wreck Beach?(that's Vancouver's notoriously famous nude beach BTW, supposed to be funny) Anyways, just a few lines to say I am alive and well and I when I look back on the past year I am grateful for it all. Bless all of you, peace, love and understanding and I promise we'll be out there bustin' it every show in 2009...oops, that's the phone again. J.