Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jeff Sunday Feb.24/08

Happy Sunday out there,
I just got off the phone after my usual Sunday morning call back to Ontario to my folks which at this point in life I am so grateful for since many of my friends have lost a parent or both and they don't have that simple luxury.My Mom and Dad are in good health in general and I am grateful for that.I am thankful that I have a good relationship with them.Love your parents and TELL THEM you love them before it's too late because one day you won't have that option and I have seen too many of my friends with this heap of unresolved issues that just seems to add extra and unnecessary weight to their lives.As a matter of fact let everybody that you know or care about that they matter to you.Don't hold back,especially when it's good.Throw it out there as much as you can and I guarantee you will live a happier,more serene life.I have learned to appreciate all that I have much more now and I enjoy all the moments as they happen.It's why I am always having fun at our shows.I know that it doesn't last forever but being in the moment and really taking in what is happening creates this long lasting memory.In the end that is what we are left with so make it good.Listen to people and learn.Listen to the ones who are sorry, who wish they would have"done things differently" is a one way street moving forward for us all and there is no redo so get it as close as you can as it flies by my friends.I hope that many years from now I will look back on this forthcoming year and remember the great times I had doing what I loved and how blessed my life has been.That is why when you see me this year I will be playing and living my life to the absolute fullest and jamming in as much experience and living as I can into each minute.It is why I am always so happy to see all of you everytime. There is so much turmoil out there and I want to be one of the people who does their bit to alleviate some of that accumulated stress in the world.I watch the news and it all seems dire to the point of terror but in fact we need to arm ourselves with the truth,get a grasp on our own reality and go about the business of contributing to our world fearlessly,without an agenda other than to bring,as the great Bob Marley said,positive vibrations.OK,we're allowed be grumpy too from time to time,just don't hold others to blame during that temporary unhappiness.
Yeah,let's answer some of your questions.Miss Barb you were wondering how bands promote themselves nowadays?I assume you are talking about bands that have been established here so...They do what we do which is tour and they find ways to actually connect with their fans so they get a true perspective of where they are at.You build and grow relationships within your industry, you acknowledge all contributions and surround your business with integrity and excellence.There is no way to" insure" that your music is heard on the radio but you can always improve your chances by showing respect and appreciation for the many people that you meet and ultimately need in order to get that radio exposure and reconnect with the true fans and as you say,hopefully reach some new ones along the way.
Walt was asking about managing in todays world.That is a very good question and there is a lot of dialog here but I'll touch on it a bit.We basically take care of ourselves and like most people have always had that ability but when we were younger couldn't be this sounding like the familiar path of youth?Well,after years of allowing people and situations to get the better of me I,for once and for all said f**k it,I can do a better job than these criminals as long as I don't fear the work which I don't,I have a vision,am very motivated and I've had enough of other peoples bulls**t ideas of how to do things which never seem to work out other than as some late night booze fueled ranting.You gotta be there at 7:45am Monday morning bro'.My negative experiences always show me clearly what NOT to do.I also have certain people that inspire and motivate me.The ones I love of course and the men and women in my industry that I respect and consult with.I also draw from our fans.They always have the clearest knowledge of what they want and would like.Know this,I need you to say whatever you want to me be it good or bad anytime as I welcome it all.So,never stop helping me out here.I'm always open.This is too involved for just one post so more at another time... 
Hey,Thanks Mariha to you and your Mom for the photos again.I hope to post some on our site when I get together with my web guy in March(he's in Winnipeg).
Finally,hi Spunky!Thank you for the inspiring words.I am glad that we can make your day better when you need it.I know how life can be.You are not alone.We all got stuff and I play the music I love when I need to get to a better place.I'm honored that we can be that remedy for you.I look forward to seeing you and your daughter in Red Deer in July and yes it is nice to be able to play family venues from time to time.We get lots of kids out at our shows when we do and they always have a great time and I love their energy and enthusism for life.Makes you feel like you'll live forever,sorta like this post...Thats it kids.I'm going for breakfast.Have a great week and we'll talk later...J.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jeff Sunday Feb.17/08

Wow,what a weekend.For those of you at the Regina show,thanks for coming out and rockin' the house.We had a great time although there were a few technical glitches before the show but thanks to some amazing people(that would be you Edgar for bringing in the Marshall amp,you saved the day bro')we got things happening and had a terrific night in spite of it all. Mariha,you can thank your Mom for getting the DWD shirt signed.It is always a pleasure to do that stuff for you as you and your Mom(hey Nora)have always been such great and loyal fans and I look forward to seeing the photos from the show.
A couple of you were wondering where Blair is.He has accepted a full time job with a major architechtural firm in Winnipeg involved in constructing the new Winnipeg airport terminal (Blair is a very gifted and multi-talented artist BTW) and has been busy with that so we have brought in our friend and monster bass player Bruce"Jake" Jacobs to sit in the bass chair for the current time.Bruce is a total pro and one of the most in demand players in Winnipeg so we are fortunate indeed to have someone of his calibre step in and be doing such a great job because as most of you know,the bass playing part of Streetheart has always been extremely important and note intensive with the bar set to a very high standard.
Oh yeah,Kerryy I believe "the cocoa wheel" that Ace Frehley was refering to in his version of DWD was cocoa as in cocaine and believe me that can be a damn nasty wheel to be turning or get caught up in.Please refer to my last blog on this... Yes,Electroman,I agree that if you MUST have a vice then girls are a pretty good and generally survivable choice(I said generally).I know a little about this,glad you had fun at the show.I'll be working on the Greatest Hits CD this week. The labels have been pretty relaxed about it all from my perspective but I am,of course as you well know,impatient...or is that I just need a little breakfast?Now that's a good idea!See you later...J.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jeff Thursday Feb.14/08

Happy Valentines Day(Hey guys,don't forget your sweethearts or you'll pay dearly!lol)
I have been following this Roger Clemens/steroid,performance enhancement drug story a bit that pretty much involves many more people than the story even you think The Rocket took steroids?...uhh,he does look kinda bigger(maybe he's a shape shifter) and he has been hangin' out with that Barry Bonds guy a little more lately.Anyways,what a bunch of crap. Of course they're on drugs.I mean,come on... how arrogant of those atheletes to think that it doesn't obviously show...what?do you think we just fell off the turnip truck?
Anyways,it got me to thinking,in an offbeat kinda way...what if they did retroactive mandatory drug testing in rock and roll,maybe a commitee headed by say...Keith Richards?Now THAT'S funny.Imagine if they took away all the gold and platinum records and Hall of Fame eligibiliy, Grammies,etc. if you were on drugs during the time you made those records?That hall would be a dark,empty place except for maybe...The Osmonds(no,I take that back.I'm sure they were whacked on some family doctor endorsed diet pills or doesn't the sports industry just accept the rock and roll philosophy.It's your body and your life.If you choose to abuse yourself with booze and drugs in excess go right ahead,just as long as you can make the gig!I,of course,have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek here.Excess doesn't work kids.I've seen the down side and it's final sad destination.The truth is,there are probably less drugs in rock(if you're over 25)than in sports today.We're just not hypocritical enough to be falsely outraged(they did what!!!)when we find out our heroes were totally fried whilst creating their musical masterpieces to the point,in some cases,with little or no memory left of the event.I, however,remember every single thing that I have ever done...which in itself isn't always good. There are some things/people I'd pay big money to forget!,just some bent thoughts acting as light relief for today.It just seems to be an inordinate amount of taxpayers money spent covering a story about a few jacked up arrogant,multi-billion dollar baseball players who just happen to be cheaters and liars and worst of all think we don't see.Money doesn't make you smart.Oh yeah,just so know,I'll be having a shot of scotch before the show tomorrow and most likely 1 or 2 beers during the performance,which I am sure will be less than anybody else in the audience... lol.See you soon and HEY!,don't drink and drive ok?Later...J.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jeff later Monday Feb.11/08

Hey Mr.Plaza Suite...
Yeah,I knew about that cover.Those guys must owe me some,I have never even heard that version.Is it on a site somewhere to hear I wonder?I'm going looking...let me know if you find it as well.OK,we'll try and find a spot for an album track or two at the Winnipeg show. We got a lotta hits we have to play you's over's over now...J.

Jeff Monday Feb.11/08

OK... It's Q&A Time,
First of all,thanks everybody for logging on.I am pleased to get your feedback and will always try to make time to address all of your questions.Kevin was asking how did Streetheart hear about me in regards to replacing John Hannah.Well,Kevin,I already knew the guys well enough and usually everytime I saw them I was asking when John was leaving the band and when do I start...(that was supposed to be funny)...Some of you may know this already but Herb Ego was my brother in law at that time(that's now ancient history BTW)so we used to see each other quite a bit at family gatherings,etc and we always talked shop. Herb knew that I was happening and John was slowly being dragged down by life and stuff so when he got too sick to play anymore I was ready to go but still had to negotiate the audition part of it all as the band and the record company had their own ideas about replacements but you know,I just fit in especially after I killed all the other guitarists waiting to audition.(Once again,trying to be funny).Seriously,I knew some of the other guys trying out and they were all very talented so I am grateful to have been the nod for the job.They made the right choice as it turns we are! Anyways Kevin,a little Coles notelike but fairly accurate in the information.Next time I see you I'll fill in any other blanks for you ok?Thanks Kimba for the condolences,yes it was a great show in Calgary,but Calgary is ALWAYS fun.Great to hear from you too Miss Barb,we hope to get to your part of the world soon and Mariha,we'll see you in Regina I am guessing and finally electroman,I don't think we'll be in Gerald this year as the April Wino's will be headlining that but I hope you have a good time nonetheless.I am sure Myles and the boys will be great. So,that's it for now,I'm digging the new iMac.It's so much easier and faster to keep up with all of you.Stay cool and we'll see you soon.J.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Jeff Friday Feb.08/08

Hey out there,
Friday 1:00pm and I am waiting at home for my tech to show up and fix a few computer issues that I can't deal with myself.Hopefully by the end of today everything will be sorted out and I can get back at what I am supposed to be doing other than waiting...boring.Hope you are good out there.I am still dragging my ass a bit with this virus.It seems to want to hang around and make the whole month of February a sick and dreary memory.However,too much to do to complain.I need to get started with reno's in my basement soon as I am building a recording studio there.I'm building a place to work out of that is in my home you know,efficiency and all that...Things are pretty quiet in the Streetheart world today.I have just been tying up a few loose ends for our Regina show on the 15th. of Feb.and waiting to hear back from EMI in regards to business with our back catalogue/Greatest Hits CD but it seems that perhaps some of those at EMI must be on holidays or something like that. Nobody is in a hurry to do anything today so I'll give in to it all and relax a bit...Have a good weekend kids and I'll get back to you soon,there's my tech at the door now,gotta go...J.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jeff Monday Feb.04/08

Good morning everybody...I have been so sick this week with the flu.I guess it was all that travelling and flying.You know how it is on planes,you end up breathing the same air as that sick,hacking person in 12B and voila...a week of sweat,fever and 3 boxes of tissues.Well today is about as good as I have felt for a week so I am grateful to be did have a couple of fantastic shows last week in Alberta so,a nice start to the year.As you can see by our tour sched we are not super busy this time of the year(only refering to playing of course he says with a huge to do list in front of his face!) but we do have some cool(is that a reference to curling?) events in Regina and Wpg. coming up,if you happen to be in the area that the tour page on our site for updates as they happen. I've been doing legal stuff for the Greatest Hits record which is moving along well enough albeit a little too slow for me personally but that is how life works sometimes.A little grace in the face of frustration goes a long way when learning how to manage those subtle complexities of ours lives...blah,blah,blah.Anyways it's all good at present,hope you are well out there and thanks for connecting with us here and on our website.We are lucky to have you on board as always... So,sit back,relax and we hope you enjoy the flight.I have to go get the drink cart ready and get a surgical mask for that guy in 12B...J. 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Jeff Friday Feb.01/08

Thought that I'd test my new iMac today as the old G3 just made things too hard(read frustrating) to keep up with regarding the blog and access the more contemporary and cool things out on the web.How quickly technology moves.Kind of like life!So,I am just doing a little test to see if anyone is still out there and is interested enough to respond.I have so much to do with the band on a daily basis now that I rarely get time,check that, make time for this lately so let me know if it matters to you.I have had a few of you at the website wondering what has been up.I am ok ,just very busy right now with the Streetheart Greatest hits ,Kenny's CD and of course booking shows for this year.What,you say,no social life?So far things all is looking good and I anticipate a great year ahead for us.Let me know what's up with you...I love this iMac,which along with the Mac Pro makes this my 7th. or 8th. Mac I think since the 80's.I appreciate the connectivity and mass popularity of PC's but this is one sexy computer.Just what a guy like me needs...see you later.Nice to be back.J.