Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jeff Wed.May 16/07

Yeah I know,where have you been Jeff...well,actually I've been caught up in lifes business but I finally have a few minutes so...We had a fantastic show at The Red Robinson Theatre/Boulevard Casino on May 11th..Great staff and great facility and to all of you who came to the show thanks for the memorable night!We got to talk to a lot of longtime friends and sign a few shirts and records so all in all a very successful evening and we can't wait to get back.We also had the show recorded by the very talented Ron Cote.Ron brought out his mobile studio and recorded the whole show for us so we now have some brand new recordings of most of the Streetheart classics. Now we just gotta figure out what to do with it all... don't worry kids,I have plenty of ideas and we'll get it out there for you as soon as it's mixed.Yes and finally online merchandise will be available by the end of the month.We have some new shirts and hats coming out as well plus I am thinking about re-issuing some of our old 80's tour t-shirts,you know, kind of a retro thang.I still have all my Streetheart tour T-shirts and some of the old designs were pretty cool so...good idea?what do you think?Looks like we'll be getting around a lot this summer.We have a batch of new dates in the pipeline and I will post them as soon as they are confirmed.I also will be posting,by the end of the month, some new photos from our show in Halifax which we did earlier this year at the Tour Tech Party.TTis a major touring and film support company on the East coast and we were fortunate to be invited to play their annual bash.They put on an incredible evening for everyone and when you see the photos you'll see why.Kenny was in town for a few days and we were working on his Cd.We have decided to replace a few of the songs that we weren't digging anymore with what we feel will be better material for know how that works all you perfectionists out there!'s a beautiful day in Vancouver.Gotta go pay the bills....Later.J.