Monday, February 22, 2010

Jeff Monday Feb.22/10

First off, I know you can't see the black ring of the Olympic logo against our black background, but it's there. Which reminds me, Kenny's new single, Black Is Black, is available right now on iTunes (Yes I know, a shameless promotion).
Ok, we're in a bit of trouble here, I'll admit it. Downhill skiing... not our forte apparently. Hockey... can anybody say Toblerone? (Ricola, RICOLA!!!!). I am however, enjoying these Winter Games immensely as the weather has allowed me to get out in the yard and work on the gardens and lawns of my home. I mean why not? It was 14 degrees yesterday and on Saturday I washed my car outside and honestly, I broke into a sweat it was that warm. Not so good if you are into the Super G... (on that note, my girlfriend called me an Olympian the other night but I don't think the IOC recognizes that as an official event, yet... (audience groan), Bada-Boom!... Well, at least I didn't get a DNF!). Anyways, enough with the cheekiness and double entendre say the good taste police...
It really has been a cool vibe out here with the Games so far and the true Canadian spirit is certainly alive in our neighborhood with Canadian flags and Olympic displays everywhere. I would imagine you've all seen some news footage of the Vancouver activities and outside of the usual over zealous participants from the Olympic Beer Drinking Freestyle, we as a country have been pretty well represented here even if the weather hasn't been so co-operative for outdoor winter sports. Oh right, I almost forgot, who's VISA card did Morgan Freeman say is covering the cost of this little party? I saw a clip of Gordon Campbell waving a Canadian flag at the hockey game with a bunch of empty seats around him. I know a lot of real hockey fans who would have loved those seats... Perhaps Gordo was just freshening the air a little. (Damn, I knew I shouldn't have eaten 3 of those spicy bratwurst's at the German Hospitality Haus!).
Really looking forward to our shows out here this week. We are playing the Commodore Ballroom Wednesday, the 24th of Feb. as part of the Manitoba Homecoming and then Thursday we will be at the 2010 Olympic Celebration site out in Surrey. We are very fortunate to be a part of this great, once in a lifetime event and our thanks to everyone involved who helped put it all together. I know many years from now being a part of this will likely have even more meaning to me. Isn't that the way it works? Our memories of things are often times much sweeter than when we were actually having the experience. I don't know what thats all about... it's a little too early in the day for me to have such deep thoughts... lol.
Well kids, just a quick hello to you all and I hope you enjoy yourselves watching the rest of the 2010 Games. I will be glued to the HD here at home, flying the flag, cheering on all of our great atheletes as a proud Canadian and BTW, we do live in the best country on the planet and I am a lucky soul to be here watching these Winter Games... on the deck, in my shorts and T-shirt. LMAO.
Let's Go Team Canada!!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jeff Monday Feb.01/10

Hey Out There,
Just been asked by Darryl C. about tickets for our show at the Commodore in Vancouver on the 24th of Feb. As a rule, we have very little to do with the marketing and distribution of tickets for shows. That is usually the exclusive domain and responsibility of the promoter. So Darryl, sorry bro' I don't have a good answer for you outside of check the Commodore website on this. I am fairly flat out with other Streetheart business at the moment. I'm trying to find some good deals on airline flights... However, if I get any info that could help you I will let you know.
I'm currently on the net listening to Q107 in Calgary AB as I am writing this. It's the morning show DJ'ed (is that a word?) by our friends Terry Dimonte and Patti MacNeil. They are playing Paradise Skies at the moment. One of my personal favs. Killer solo. Kim Mitchell is such a cool guitarist... I'll probably slide over to CITI FM in Winnipeg later. BTW, thanks to CITI and Q107 for getting behind Kenny's single (Black is Black) right out of the box. Keep requesting it out there my friends! Two great Classic Rock stations and both have been so good to us over the years. We are lucky that our music is played so consistently and is always available on the airwaves (and internet) for our fans. I have a lot of compassion for newer bands wondering how they will keep their music going in years to come... Oh yeah, right, they have the Internet, You Tube, Facebook as well as the radio and apparently, video killed the radio star anyways... Not so worried as I know that the great artists and great music always find a way to the people and smart, industrious men and women will always figure out how to get that great music to the fans. Speaking of that lofty and oft times elusive concept, I'd better go back to my hat rack and try on something else on for a while...
Oh yes, one more thing. Guys, don't forget Valentines Day on the 14th. Wanna play golf and drink beer with your chums later on this summer? Then don't forget about her and start thinking about it right now. Trust me... LMAO.
Rock on kids,