Monday, May 9, 2011

Jeff Monday May 09/11

Hey there!
If you are here and wonder what is up you can now find out about all things current with KS&S on our Facebook page and on Twitter. You can access them directly from the KS&S homepage or, just click here...
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We are finding it much easier to communicate with everyone using FB and Twitter and it's a lot less hassle and faster for you as well. We will keep this archive up for now, but if you want to get the latest news, check us out on FB and Twitter!
Rock on kids... KS&S

Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeff Monday Jan.31/11

Hey out there...
If you were @ the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary on Saturday then you already know what I'm talkin' about. We want to thank everyone who showed up, in spite of the wintery weather (it was another sell out BTW) and rocked the house. We also want to thank the Slugs, who started the night off and got the place into a good space. We (KS&S) haven't played together for almost a month now but we had a great night in spite of the layoff. I'm know it's because the guys are such great players and work on their craft constantly so that when we get back together, even after some time off, we can still kick it pretty hard right in the guts. We won't dwell on how yours truly forgot a few important moments in Action (sorry Paul) and Angie (sorry Keith) but hey, I was having fun and I literally forgot what I was supposed to be playing!
It is really an honor for me to be working with such great players at this point in life. I know that without that level of skill to inspire me, my attention and desire would fade away fast as it has in the past. I also want to say what an amazing bunch of guys this band is made up of. I have worked with lots of people in my life and these guys are total pros. No prima donna attitudes which can get old and destroy a band and it's spirit very quickly. All good friends yet there is a desire for the highest quality that is the unsaid, invisible bond between us. I like to think that we all, in our own individual ways, contribute to that spiritual musical connection... As you can tell by now, 2011 is off to a good start. We have 16 new shows on the board and at least another 10 or so, as of today, hanging around for consideration to massage into our schedule. We have a good reputation out there which is gold. We have the best fans and that is everything to us. I know I've said it before but our fans are the number one reason why this is all happening and why I have the privilege of connecting with you at this moment. We also have the amazing Pete Petrovich who produces our shows and we are better for having him out front every night. He brings a confidence of knowing that removes any concerns one might have in regards to the quality of the audio and how we are sonically presented. Thanks Pete. You are the best and everybody out there knows it.
So, armed with all this talent, good will and potential, we are definitely looking forward to this year's possibilities. Let's make 2011 a great one together. Because there's only so many summers in a lifetime and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we want this summer of 2011 to be a part of the good memories that will fill the soul. We are going to do everything we can to make sure that happens. Care to join us?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jeff Friday Jan.28/11

The Centre Of The Universe... where do you think that lies? Some say trillions of light years away while others seem to think in much smaller terms. They actually believe that every tiny thing they do or say is so important that everything that exists has to stop everything it is doing and pay reverent regard to their pontifications. Well, I think that's a load of crap and apparently, so did Einstein although, he would have put it much more eloquently than yours truly! Not that I would ever compare myself to one of civilization's greatest citizens for a nanosecond but, he did have one hell of a brain and one or two good ideas that had some merit (I'm being cheeky here BTW). Anyways, I just wanted to share with you a clever link that a good friend of mine sent to me this morning about the size of things. It is worth going through for your own entertainment but, you also get a small grasp of where we fit into the universe. The link should open up on the scale at about where we exist (in relative size) within the universe. Scroll from left to right (if you can't figure that out then maybe this is too much for you... lol) and just take in the info and how it all progresses. Kinda fun and puts some things into perspective and, as it says at the end, we are probably not the centre of the universe, which could be the biggest understatement ever! Hope you enjoy it a little.
Ok, this is suppose to be a rock and roll blog right? Alright then. We are off to the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary to play tomorrow night. 2011 is already looking very good for us and this is kind of the beginning of what I predict will be another great year of shows and reconnecting with our fantastic fans within in our own particular universe. I know we'll see some of you tomorrow night and for those heavenly bodies and shooting stars missing in action, I'll get back to you next week and tell you how much fun we had! Rock on children...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jeff Sunday Jan.23/11

Today in Jeff’s Guitar Player’s Corner we are looking at the Deep Purple classic , “Hush”. A great track from 1968 featuring that memorable naananaana hook. Ok, here’s a link to that track to start with…

A very cool song right? Great organ track by Jon Lord who was, in my opinion, one of the best rock Hammond players ever. Super percussive parts and always that tone! Beautifully matched Richie Blackmore’s guitar (Richie is one of my all time favs). Also featured Rod Evans on vocals who went on to Captain Beyond and the incredible Ian Paice on drums. Ok, ok.. AND Nicky Simper on bass. Deep Purple became more popular later on in their career and are more likely remembered for “Smoke On The Water”, but I really loved their early stuff and every time I hear one of DP’s early tracks, it reminds me of hanging around the local pool hall dreaming of being in a rock and roll band while the old Wurlitzer jukebox blasted out great tracks like this… (picture a 12 year old kid going on 18, smoking cigarettes and playing 8 ball). Not exactly a role model by today’s standards, LMAO, but I am trying to give you an idea of where I was at!

So, we’ve established that this was/is a great song (unless you hate this song then WTF are you doing still reading this lol).

However, yesterday I discovered/found on YouTube, Richie Blackmore’s isolated guitar track from Hush which is way too cool. It’s a guitar player’s thing I know but, it’s really great hearing just how he structured his guitar parts. You can hear the punches when he changes tones for the different parts of the song and his execution is excellent overall. You can even hear the bleed/overlap of the punch-ins and partial doubling that adds that bit of funky X factor missing from a lot of today’s sometimes too pristine recordings. The ending is oddly cut off. Don’t know what that is. On the original it sounds like he hits the downbeat on the end but it’s not on this track. Anyways, Here’s that link… Cool huh? For me, it is amazing just hearing something like this and I hope some of you dig it. If you don’t, at least you get an insight into how I spend my Sunday mornings. (I’m not 100% sure whether that’s a good thing or not!).

Alright, one more connector here. Back in the early 90’s, PM Dawn used a sample from Hush for their single "Downtown Venus". They slowed it down a whole tone which also brought the BPM’s back. I liked this track, mostly for the loop, but it was a cool song and a great example of recycling the past. Bought the CD as well called “Jesus Wept”. Very underrated band PM Dawn. Here’s a link to that for you…

Ok, that’s it for now and I hope some of you enjoyed this. Remember to love rock and roll and don’t let your kids smoke or hang around in pool halls…

Rock on,


Friday, January 21, 2011

Jeff Friday Jan.21/11

Hey everybody....
Heading over to Victoria to be a judge for the Vancouver Island's Got Talent finals tonight. My friend Maria Manna has run this event the past couple of seasons and it has been quite a success, at least on a local level. We have a lot of good friends over there and always have a great time. No really, they know how to have fun over there! Anyways just a quick note before we head off to catch the ferry over to Vancouver Island which is a nice little trip. Not that I'm really into static, sightseeing, antiquing kind of old people activities (yawn, I'm more of a golf course, scotch and cigars kind of person), but it's a nice relaxed 1/2 day trip with Lizzy and our friends are certainly worth the trip! All is good in KS&S world in case you were wondering. 2011 is looking great so far. I'll get you all up to speed when I get back. Rock on...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jeff Friday Jan.14/11

Last night I attended the memorial of a friend and associate that some of you may know. Doug Grover was one of the cornerstones of the rock and roll business here in Vancouver and recently passed away from injuries suffered from an accidental fall at home. He worked for Bruce Allen for many years and as his road manager, helped guide the careers of most of Vancouver's great bands including Trooper, Prism, BTO, Loverboy and Bryan Adams. During the collage that they showed last night there was even a shot of a young Doug and Kenny Shields together from the early Streetheart days so, there was that connection there as well. I knew Doug as a friend for years but we worked together only on occasion. Streetheart's management at the time was very successful at keeping us isolated from anyone that could actually do anything for us (hoping you sense the sarcasm here, which is fully intended).
When I was touring in Europe with Jimmy Barnes during the 90's, we opened up for Adams on his European Tour. There was Doug and his all Canadian/Vancouver crew, running the show. I really loved working and hanging out with that mob for the summer as they were all old friends, many that I'd hadn't seen since I left for Australia years before. I had always been given the gears by my Aussie friends about how hard working they were and how they knew everything about Rock and Roll and how to put on a show, blah, blah... Well, after a few months of witnessing the Adams juggernaut and the level of professionalism shown by Doug and the boys, that pretty much ended any of that conversation. One night as I, along with my Aussie crew were watching 80,000 Adams fans singing Summer of 69 and the finale of yet another top drawer rock and roll evening I said to them, "Well mates, this is how we Canadians do rock and roll." Funny, I was never ribbed about who did things better after that...
I know I've digressed but basically I wanted to say that Doug was a loyal, kind, funny, ass kicking, hard working man that got the job done right everynight. He succeeded at the highest level many times and as Bruce Allen said last night, " I trusted him with the most important things in my life outside of my family, my artists, and he never let me down". I have paraphrased Bruce somewhat but that was the essence of what he said. The 400 or so people who attended last night justified those thoughts and though the room was touched with some sadness, the joy and respect for a man who gave so much of himself to so many people won out. As I said, I did not work with Doug a lot but, I knew him well and he always treated me with respect and he was always interested in what I was doing even if he wasn't directly involved. The last time I saw Doug we had breakfast at the Slocan restaurant with our good friend Les Doiron. The Slocan is your typical greasy spoon that was one of Doug's favs and as good a place for your road breakfast as anywhere. We talked shit, laughed a lot and made future plans for golf. A nice way to spend a perfectly lazy 10:30am breakfast time slot. It was the spring of 2008, the days were was getting warmer and life felt good as I headed for home charged by Doug's positive energy and kick ass spirit...
Last night driving home I felt so different. My life is now packed with agendas and schedules and things that need to be done yesterday. What I wouldn't give to feel that spring of 2008 feeling right now. Think I'll go to the Slocan and have bacon and eggs over easy with brown toast. Somehow, I know it won't be the same.
See ya Doug...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jeff Wednesday Jan.12/11

Uhhh... we got our first snow of the year last night. It looks like slush this morning and I am hoping it all ends up down the storm drain by this afternoon. Still trying to fully shake this virus that I've had for over a month but, I'm not expecting a full recovery until I hit ths links at least once...
Looks like 2011 is going to another strong year for the band . We already have about a dozen shows in the can and more offers are coming through what seems like everyday. I'm always humbled by the success we are enjoying this far into our career... (thanks to you)
Ok, I am getting back into songwriter mode this year. Last year was so busy with business and Lizzy moving in and all that entailing upheaval, that I never had/made the time for any creativity at all. By December I realized that I was spiritually barren. I truly need to write and be creative all the time. It balances who I am and how I perceive myself in the universe and how I interract with people. I was becoming a ghost of my former self but I intend to right that slide. So, that being said, I am now sliding over to my music computer and work on some new tunes that I have started. I was going to say wish me luck but luck has very little to do with creativity. Hard work leads to inspirati0n and fulfillment and waiting for inspiration is a waste of your precious time...
Rock on friends.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jeff Thursday Jan.06/11

Happy New Year Everyone!
Yes, like you, I've been busy. Too busy sometimes but all is good. We had a great 2010 and we thank all our fans for that. I'm currently working on Facebook and Twitter accounts for the band and hope to have them available as soon as possible. It's all time management and I am going to find new ways that I can keep you all updated and current. I'd like to be able to communicate with you all out there on the road and provide a more up to the minute source of news from the band for you. Trying to keep up with the learning curve... Yikes!!! It is crazy. Ok, this is just a quick note to say I'm still here. Less words more often. That's what I'm working towards. Let's see what happens.
Before I go, two things...
Canadian Juniors. You gotta feel for them but, the lesson here... never take your foot off the throat or back off from your opponent. I look towards the coaching staff, without prejudice, for not taking a time out and getting the boys refocused sooner than they did. A excerpt from the classic Oscar Hammerstein song taken from the Georges Bizet opera Carmen, " Keep punching till you hear that final bell. Show that crowd what you know...".
Ok, let's finish on a high note. The Canucks... yeah!!!!! Get down with your bad selves!!!!!!
Rock on.