Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jeff Tuesday July 22/08

Wow, what a weekend. Thursday morning, up at 6:30am, get on a plane, fly to Calgary, get in a rental van, drive to Red Deer, play a fabulous show to wonderful fans, talk to a whole bunch of people, sleep for a few minutes, get up again at 6:30 am , drive to Calgary, drop off van, get on a plane, fly to Castlegar, rent two more Suv's, drive through the mountains to Nakusp, play another killer show to another great crowd on Friday night, see my cousins for a minute (love you all so much!!!), have a drink and a chin wag with our friends Willi Jahnke, Michele Williams and Susan Mackie from the Nakusp Music Fest (what a first class event they put on!), go back to the hotel, sleep for a few more seconds, get up at 7:00am (yee-haw, sleeping in!) drive back to Castlegar, drop off Suv's, fly back to Calgary, pick up van again, check into hotel, make all the arrangements for a very special surprise show for our friends Russ and Delaine Fisher (bless you both for the most wonderful and touching evening. Your family and friends are very special people and thank you for sharing your celebration of life with us!). Rock Russ and Delaine's place and hang out with everybody till late, drive back to the hotel, run into our friends the Headpins at the hotel and talk trash for a bit and finally crash out early in the morning, get up, have some breakfast at the local truckstop, pack up the van, drive back to the airport and fly home in time to meet the Sunday rush hour traffic in Vancouver and almost get crushed by a Smithrite truck, and finally, stumble in to my house around 6:00pm Sunday night a battered but a better man for all that I experienced over the weekend. Thanks to everybody and to all the techs and crews (Geoff, Jeff, Two Dogs, Brandon and the rest of you hard working bro's) for making this past weekend so wonderfully crazy!!!!! It was so cool to see you all again, the band had a fantastic time, we played great and were inspired every night as usual. God, we are a lucky bunch...J. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jeff Friday July 11/08

Hey Electroman...the Greatest Hits/Anthology CD will be out by the end of the month. We are nearly done and are now into the actual production of the the discs as well as finalizing all the artwork. Kenny is also releasing a Witness Inc. compilation which I believe is basically ready and we'll finish his solo CD off right after our busy summer schedule slows down a bit. We are off to Lethbridge tomorrow to do a show with Honeymoon Suite and I just finished negotiations for the 31st of July in St. John's NFLD at the George Street Festival which will be huge fun. Glad I'm not walking (that was supposed to be funny. You see, I live in Vancouver and, uh...never mind). I just finished a radio interview for Lethbridge which explains why I am up this early so I'd better go make some coffee now and get to work before I fly out tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend ... J.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jeff Wednesday July 09/08

Hey, what's up...just a few ticks of the keyboard between business calls to say hi and get you up to date. We played in Peterborough two weeks ago and had a fantastic show. It was so well run and the people made us feel very welcome and it didn't even thunderstorm as predicted. I don't remember Peterborough being so nice but hats off to the city coucil for re-invigorating the city. Very nice...oh yeah, Saskatoon at the Dakota Dunes was also fab and the staff was again terrific and hats off to Bob and all the boys doing the production there. Job well done. Of course the band was smokin' as per usual and Kenny is really starting to get good at this singing thing. I think he could make a career out of this if he wanted...lol. The weather is beautiful here on the West Coast finally and the ridiculously high cost of living out here even makes some sense when it is this nice. So yeah, just looking at a few more shows for the end of the month on the East coast that are close to being a done deal. I'll keep you posted on that. We don't get back East enough so we are looking forward to that coming together. Wonderfully generous and kind people back there. We are off to LA this week...(that's Lethbridge, Alberta) to do a show with our friends Honeymoon Suite who we haven't seen for a while and that should be a real good show for you kids in the neighbourhood. OK, that's it for now, I gotta do some biz but I'll be back, I promise...fire up your barbeques!!!!!!!!! L8r, J.