Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jeff Thursday Oct.11/07

Well...better let you all in in what's up with life a bit...We are taking a little break from the Rock&Roll action for the month of October to do a few things other than playing.Some of us are off on overseas holidays,some of us are staying home and me,well,I am off to Ontario to see my Mom and Dad for a few weeks.You know how that some of Mom's good food,do a few projects around the house with my Dad,play a round or two of golf to get out of the house and sleep in my old room...sort of...actually it was my sisters room but my actual old room is now for my Dad and his writing so I am now down the hall a bit.The same but kinda different.blah,blah...Whatever,I am looking forward to it although it's a little tricky keeping up with the Streetheart business stuff and the website when I am away from my personal computer and have to use the local library facility.You see,my folks don't have or have need of a home computer as they come from that generation where their version of an email was walking out the back door and yelling...JEFF!!!!! DINNER!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! Ironically enough there was no spam to worry about back then other than if you friends Mom served it for lunch. Eeeeaaahhhhh.I was never that big on meat that you didn't need teeth for.Does anybody eat Spam anymore?I'll bet it's not that horrible.But don't ask me.I've been on the road most of my life and there were times(not so much anymore thankfully)when Spam was probably a healthier choice then what we were actually eating.(I think it might have originally been a form of road kill)But we were young and our constitutions were stronger and more tolerant then.If I think about some of the places I've stayed and slept and survived through... jeez...Lucky to be alive!!!!!! Grateful for it all.
So, I'll be spending the weekend getting ready to get out of here then I'm off to the to the great well-known of home.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather as it can be quite beautiful in Northern Ontario at this time of year with all the leaves turning.It can also be shitty,wet and very cold,let's face it,so...hoping for the former!I will try to keep you all posted on my journey as best as I can.The library computer police(read as somebodys Mom with a part time job)there are ruthless! lol.
As you can see on our website(which just went over 10,000 hits BTW,thanks everyone) we have a few dates coming up in November and I don't think we're done yet. Surprisingly enough,the offers keep coming through so as long as they make sense we'll be out there doing shows throughout the winter.I hope to see you somewhere during the course of the season.Kenny and I will also be recording during November and December in Vancouver to finish his CD after being away from that all summer.I am certainly looking forward to getting it done for you all as I am very excited about what we have so far.Kenny is a very special,amazing man and singer(they already know that Jeff,duh) and I know you're going to love what he's doing so it can't be done and released soon enough for me...well,on that note I'll leave you for now but remember kids,I am never that far away.Just a couple of clicks and you're there...There's no place like home...J.