Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jeff Saturday May 22/10

Hey Kids,
Ok Claudette, you are right in that I am an infrequent blogger but I do thank you for your support and I am glad you enjoy reading the posts when I do get an opportunity to publish a new page. I wish I had the time to write everyday but realistically, that is just not the case in my life. In answer to your query, I hope you like the new website update. I realize it's a little behind schedule but, I won't bore you with the reasons for that. The truth is, it may be less about having good reasons and is more likely to be about justifying excuses why things don't happen on time or worse, not at all. We are consistantly challenged with a process and a series of obstacles that we need to negotiate through in order to get to the things we desire. The very best of us seem to move with grace through this socio-political minefield and get to the results needed without ruffling too many feathers or bruising egos along the way. Apparently, this is not one of my strong suits, at least according to some of my friends. LMAO.
Hey, I learned a new (new to me) word. Luddite. Rough definition, someone who is afraid or suspect of technology. Sort of our parents generation I guess. I'd have to say we represent that swing (I don't mean everybody's house keys in a jar) generation. A lot of my friends, and I modestly include myself to some extent, are reasonably savvy with technology, etc. (some are brilliant) but I do have some friends who still have no clue or desire. (my fav Homer Simpson quote, "The Internet? Is that thing still around?") Anyways, the children of our generation are much more comfortable with it all and the next generation will likely know no other way. They may not know what green grass looks like either but they will know how to twitter and tweet whilst updating their Facebook profile in order to accumulate 10 million friends (how many internet predators are in that number?). BTW, who wants 10 million friends? Do you have any idea how many Christmas cards that is? (Honey, I think we're gonna need a bigger turkey this year...). I know, I am rambling a little. Hey, it's Saturday and it's supposed to be my day off (cue hilarious laughter track). Hopefully, I'll get outside and work in the garden a little today although the weather hasn't been so stellar in this part of the world to this point...
Right, Streetheart... We are off to the Okanagan this coming weekend to do two shows. A date in Penticton on Friday and the Kreator Custom Motorcycle Festival in Kelowna on Saturday both of which I am really looking forward to. BTW, you can read the most recent interview that I did for Gonzo Magazine with Dean Unger. Gonzo is a very cool webzine and really worth having a look. Just go to and click on the Joe Satriani cover. Page 35/36. Anyways, check it out. A little different than some interviews that I've done in the past which can sometimes just be a retell of already known facts (not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just saying...). This one has a luxurious and philosophical feel to it with perhaps some ambitious intellectual intention (am I making this sound like a wine review?). Needless to say, Dean was great to work with and I hope we'll be doing more stuff down the road. Something to look at when you get a tick... (no, no, not a tick like a wood tick. It's just an Australian word substitute for a minute. Remember... me, Jimmy Barnes, 11 crazed years... good on ya' mate.) I know, you already knew that. Yeah, roit.
Well my friends, I have just heard the sound of a gas powered lawnmower buzzing along so, fueled with garden envy and of course being one who likes to compete at anything, I am off to edge my boulevard with my girlfriend's manicuring scissors (she doesn't know this yet) and I'll show the next door neighbour who's really the king of the psychotic yard freaks.
Rock on Babies... (where's my hoe!!!!!!)