Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jeff Tuesday September 07/10

Ok kids,
I'm doing my usual morning get up, make coffee and read my email which usually contains 1 or 2 or 3 posts from my fav blogger, Bob Lefsetz. His unrelenting, daily output of opinions, rants, questions and ideas for survival in my industry (not that I agree with them all) manages to keep me in touch with what's going on and provides me with information I would likely miss. Being a 50 something now, I continuely run the risk of losing touch, encumbered by life's accumulative distractions and it is that idea that drives me to continue to do what I can to not become a redundant spectator in my chosen occupation. I really don't want to be one of those sitting around bitching about how things aren't like they used to be. Well, FFS, things aren't like they used to be and thank God for that!!! If it was, we'd all still be mismanaged by criminals, oblivious to the fact that we were being taken. Anyways, I now take advantage of every bit of help I can get to at least, try and keep up with what is going on. I was just reading a thread from the Los Angeles Times Pop and Hiss Blog reviewing the FYF Fest and what struck me as I was reading was how easy it is to lose touch with your own business if you stop moving with the flow of progress. Again, it is this great fear that I have of not knowing and falling into that social category of being completely ignorant of what is actually going on yet, maintaining this arrogant, self-important opinion about it all. You all know the person I mean. It used to be my friend's parents telling us to turn that damn music down since it was just a bunch of noise anyways. Yeah, you're right Mrs. Wright. I'm guessing this Led Zepplin music really is just a bunch a crap and not worth listening to... Anyways, not meaning to digress too much...
Where was I? Uh... right. I'm not talking about the processed product that the usual suspects in media ram down our throats as hip and happening but, music that fans are really supporting without the corporate hype, of their own accord because it says something compelling and important to them. Like real music used to. Like the bands I listened to. Bands that are building fan loyalty. 20,000 people out for bands I've never heard of? Dead Man's Bones? Local Natives? Washed Out? You don't see these bands on ET. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know any of these bands. But, you can read for yourself. Outside of the usual promoter short falls in not providing enough decent services and facilities for the fans like more bathrooms and reasonable access to cheap food and drinks (sounds like the concerts I used to go to 35 years ago!) there was a lot of great music by bands I've never heard of and it all sounded pretty successful (FYF is in it's 7th year) without people being hammered with massive service fees. Read for yourself if you'd like,
Anyways, I was thinking after reading this and it struck me that I need to continue to swim hard to keep up with the flow. Music as art continues to move and it always will so, it is up to me to acknowlege it's forward motion through my interest, desire and effort. Things are changing drastically and the internet is having the equivalent effect on the music industry that the meteor that hit the earth when the dinosaurs were around did. There is a new order being set and I plan on having a say in my own position in it all. I am not ready to quit just yet and will go down fighting at the very least. I know some of you are with me on this. There is too much good stuff going on and I don't want to miss it. Keep in touch with the flow kids. Seek it out because it's moving right now...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jeff Monday Aug 09/10

This is a message of sorts to a young friend but really, it's for anyone and kinda to myself. I don't know if he will read this but I am going to assume he will...
Today I had this fleeting wish that I were younger. You see, the music industry is going through this amazing revolution and reset right now... as in, today. The old guard is weakening and the dinosaur, corporate structure mentality is collapsing right before our very eyes. The ways that we now create our music, how we build an audience and how that is forming into successful business is all so exciting that I just wish I were 21 again, had no grownup responsibilities (lol) and I could just follow my own brave and crazy artistic path. There is so much technology (which can now equal massive power) available to the individual that I never had when I was younger. Today I have a 250 track, fully automated, digital recording studio in my freaking basement and completely run all my world wide access business (this website as an example) right out of my home office! When I was starting out recording in 1980 the secrets of the business and the workings of the machinery existed in huge buildings and were obscured from view by tight fisted, sometimes duplicitous but always charming men and women who had little or no intention of letting you in on their secrets unless you showed up with a good lawyer. We were also too foolish and impatient to try to look deeper into that machine to understand the workings of it all. If we did, we would have seen that it was flawed and perversely unfair. Some did, to their benefit. I, unfortunately, did not. I am somewhat ashamed of this admission but let's put it down to youthful naivety and impatience and not dwell too harshly on the past. Yes, I paid a high price for this oversight in time, lost love and wasted talent. However, I have been lucky enough and strong enough to have achieved a good measure of success in my career for which I am grateful for but I was just reading and researching on the net, as I am now wont to do on a daily basis and was flush with this knowledge and I just had this out of character moment of wishfullness which as we all know is a waste of time because genies do not exist. What does truthfully exist is our drive, determination and the opportunities, now more than ever, to take control of our own individual destiny. No promises of success, just the chance to do it on our own terms. Trust your instincts, get your music out there, take care of your business and keep the ones you like and love close to you and in the loop. Assume nothing. There is strength in that that is unbreakable. Read contracts, ask questions and never doubt your right to get what you want. Do it with grace, honesty and self power. Learn this now. The truth is it's never too late (I can attest to that because I know that the best years of my career are just beginning) but more importantly my young and talented friend, it's never too early to get wise. Oh yeah, there is no easy button either...
Rock on bro',

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jeff Tuesday Aug 03/10

Babies, babies,
For several months I have been reading doom and gloom about how the music industry is tanking before our very eyes and how Live Nation has paid too much to represent the big touring acts which has pushed house fees, parking and vending through the roof (that's how they expect to make a profit kids as the big acts essentially demand ALL the gate profits), alienating fans and that the one time powerful and successful festival acts such as the Lilith Fair Tour seems to be cancelling more shows this year than they are actually doing. If you don't believe me here's a photo from Lilith, (that's Serena Ryder on stage). Look at those empty seats. Very sobering. We do not exist in the middle of this mainstream but, for several years I have been preaching to anyone who would listen (LOL) that we need to always take care of our fans in every way possible. We, as Streetheart try to maintain this credo as best as we can and I know it has worked for us. Our fans are our greatest resource pure and simple since, without taking care of this precious commodity, we'd be out of business...fast. I have watched first hand as artists have committed professional suicide onstage. Crippled by distorted perspective, venting their petty, ego driven grievances and bitches out on the one thing that keeps them alive and fed. Their fans. I have said it before. It is a privilege to play for the fans, not a divine right. Especially on our circuit. Our fans have been with us a lifetime. Do we let them down now, especially as those youthful memories become, more and more, a cherished part of our lives? Fear not my friends. We will always do our best to honor all the good fortune that has come our way. I only wish I had more time to take care of all that deserves attention but, at the very least I have a good and grounded perspective and I am thankfully free of any bitterness about life and how, in some misguided, insane way, feeling hard done by. Quite the opposite. I am blessed everyday to do what I do. Yes, our business is going through a tough time currently but the resourceful somehow survive as do the the ones aware and ready for change. Ironically, we are having the best year of the band's career in spite of the downturn in the industry. Does it mean we are better than everybody else? No, even though I am very confident about our product. There are a number of reasons why we are doing well at this moment but one particulairly important reason is the consistant respect we maintain for our fans. Which reminds me, after so many requests and pleading from longtime fans I am posting the actual, real and authentic (accept no substitute!) lyrics to Action as generously provided by the one man who should know these words inside and out, Kenny Shields. This should end all those arguments and bets abour Eiffel Tower and sports final... Anyways, enjoy and I hope that they are close to what you've been singing in your head for 30 some years or so...






































Take care of the things you love and don't be afraid to show that very thing. You will prosper in all ways, always. Thank you my friends. I owe you a lifetime of gratitude and kick ass rock and roll shows...
Peace out,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jeff Saturday July 10/10

Hey Kids,
Well here it is, a quiet Saturday afternoon and I am home for a rare summer weekend. We played in Edmonton last night and had a great show. (So, how can you possibly be home Jeff? you may be asking yourself... or not. LMAO. Uh, how about, a 5:00am wakeup call for an 8:00am-ish flight home...... zzzzzz) Anyways, sold out and rockin' as per the usual boisterous Alberta that we know so well and look forward to everytime. We actually ran out of merchandise last night, I mean nothing left no CD's, no t-shirts... nada. (That can't really be a word? Perhaps Spanish? ideas anybody?). Really impressive and humbling at the same time. We have such great fans...
Ok, I thought I'd also post a couple of shots from our Canada Day show in Winnipeg taken by our good friend Don Windsor. Don has taken a lot of photos of the band over the years and you will find his work all over our website. Thanks as always Don for your time and talent. That was a fun night as well with over 20,000 friends in attendance, including kids and families. A lot of people who don't usually get out to our shows. You just have to look at this shot of Kenny with the kids to understand the kind of night it was. Such a great vibe, the weather was beautiful (although hot) and the whole production went off without a hitch for us. Many
thanks to the CanadInns and a big shout out to Jay Pauley and for including us in this years festivities. Man, it was really hot that night. We played for maybe 30 minutes and I was drenched and exhausted by the end. I can't imagine how hot it must have been for the acts playing during the day... yikes!
I am totally proud to be Canadian BTW, although some of our national political agenda in recent years has left me a little confused...
Overall, it has been a very good summer for us and considering the currently precarious state of the music industry all over North America, we are very fortunate. We may not be the biggest touring act out there but, like a Dave Matthews or Phish, we continue to be able to tour consistantly because of the loyalty of our fans. Thanks to you all for that. We are actually in one of the best periods of the band's career, in my humble opinion. We have an appreciation for what we have and know that it is precious and could disappear at a moments notice. Some of our contemporaries are not always seeing this and from the feedback that we get from all of you at our meet and greets, you are not happy about that as well. I don't blame you. I know some of these guys and I see some pretty unrealistic attitudes and the occasional sense of entitlement that is completely out of whack with reality. Listen, I have had my ass and ego kicked by life and circumstance on more than one occasion so I appreciate every little moment of goodness and good fortune that finds it's way to me. I play music that I love with guys whom I respect AND like being around plus, I earn a living doing it. It is a privilege for me to play for you. I may not be the biggest star in the world but you know what, I am good with that. However, it does not mean that I am not without ambition. What I am trying to say is, I am grateful for what I have each day and I try to do my best to build on that with some integrity, honesty and be fearless about hard work or challenge. Oh yes, and be grounded in reality. That helps a lot. Know where you are at and you will be less likely to make an ass of yourself in front of friends, fans or collegues. (remember, I said LESS likely!! LOL).
Ok, let's end with some light relief...
Funny quote of the week, "I hate being bi-polar... it's awesome!" (Courtesy of my chum Mick Dalla-Vee) Thanks bro', you made me laugh out loud... that's the best medicine ever!
Ok kids, the early morning has caught up with me now and I'm seeing double so, I am going to take a siesta on the sofa and be lulled to sleep by HD golf on TV... fore!!!!!!! five, six...zzzzzz.
Rock on...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jeff Saturday May 22/10

Hey Kids,
Ok Claudette, you are right in that I am an infrequent blogger but I do thank you for your support and I am glad you enjoy reading the posts when I do get an opportunity to publish a new page. I wish I had the time to write everyday but realistically, that is just not the case in my life. In answer to your query, I hope you like the new website update. I realize it's a little behind schedule but, I won't bore you with the reasons for that. The truth is, it may be less about having good reasons and is more likely to be about justifying excuses why things don't happen on time or worse, not at all. We are consistantly challenged with a process and a series of obstacles that we need to negotiate through in order to get to the things we desire. The very best of us seem to move with grace through this socio-political minefield and get to the results needed without ruffling too many feathers or bruising egos along the way. Apparently, this is not one of my strong suits, at least according to some of my friends. LMAO.
Hey, I learned a new (new to me) word. Luddite. Rough definition, someone who is afraid or suspect of technology. Sort of our parents generation I guess. I'd have to say we represent that swing (I don't mean everybody's house keys in a jar) generation. A lot of my friends, and I modestly include myself to some extent, are reasonably savvy with technology, etc. (some are brilliant) but I do have some friends who still have no clue or desire. (my fav Homer Simpson quote, "The Internet? Is that thing still around?") Anyways, the children of our generation are much more comfortable with it all and the next generation will likely know no other way. They may not know what green grass looks like either but they will know how to twitter and tweet whilst updating their Facebook profile in order to accumulate 10 million friends (how many internet predators are in that number?). BTW, who wants 10 million friends? Do you have any idea how many Christmas cards that is? (Honey, I think we're gonna need a bigger turkey this year...). I know, I am rambling a little. Hey, it's Saturday and it's supposed to be my day off (cue hilarious laughter track). Hopefully, I'll get outside and work in the garden a little today although the weather hasn't been so stellar in this part of the world to this point...
Right, Streetheart... We are off to the Okanagan this coming weekend to do two shows. A date in Penticton on Friday and the Kreator Custom Motorcycle Festival in Kelowna on Saturday both of which I am really looking forward to. BTW, you can read the most recent interview that I did for Gonzo Magazine with Dean Unger. Gonzo is a very cool webzine and really worth having a look. Just go to www.gonzomagazine.com and click on the Joe Satriani cover. Page 35/36. Anyways, check it out. A little different than some interviews that I've done in the past which can sometimes just be a retell of already known facts (not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just saying...). This one has a luxurious and philosophical feel to it with perhaps some ambitious intellectual intention (am I making this sound like a wine review?). Needless to say, Dean was great to work with and I hope we'll be doing more stuff down the road. Something to look at when you get a tick... (no, no, not a tick like a wood tick. It's just an Australian word substitute for a minute. Remember... me, Jimmy Barnes, 11 crazed years... good on ya' mate.) I know, you already knew that. Yeah, roit.
Well my friends, I have just heard the sound of a gas powered lawnmower buzzing along so, fueled with garden envy and of course being one who likes to compete at anything, I am off to edge my boulevard with my girlfriend's manicuring scissors (she doesn't know this yet) and I'll show the next door neighbour who's really the king of the psychotic yard freaks.
Rock on Babies... (where's my hoe!!!!!!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jeff Thursday April 16/10

Hey Kids,
I love this time of year. The weather today is sunny with a high temp of 18 C. The Canucks won a thriller in O/T last night and were one of the few teams so far (I know it's only one game) to take advantage of home ice and win the game they should have won. (OV where were you last night?). Right, did I mention we have the Art Ross winner on our team? Perhaps that has something to do with that. Way to go Henrick... pretty exciting for Vancouver Canuck fans as we've never had a scoring champion on our team so, it's kinda cool. FYI, earlier this year Hank and Daniel quietly donated 1.5 million dollars to Canuck Place which is the Canucks foundation/hospice that provides care to children with life threatening illnesses and loving support to their families. Make no mistake, these guys are class acts. They made that donation without fanfare and it just underscores how much they mean to this community and their commitment to giving back. I made my annual donation (a little less than 1.5 million BTW!) and it feels good to do my own small part along side these great young men. My girlfriend Lizzy loves these guys and (although the math doesn't quite work!) she likes to refer to them as her adopted sons. Gee, I don't know why.... any ideas?

Personally, I'm a big Ryan Kessler fan. Loved by his team, hated by his opponents. Fierce, talented and really, he should be the captain of the team (no offence Louie)... I'm just saying.
Anyways, today is a good day to say the least with the morning sun just beginning to heat up and the sound of the garbage truck in the alley. Ahhh... perfect.
Yeah, we've just finished a couple weekends of shows and I think we are off to a good start this year. We had a great Easter show at Silverados in Winnipeg (see above) and followed that with 2 shows in Lethbridge and Calgary which were both big fun as well. Also, I want to thank Brent Manning and all the folks in Morris MB for making us feel so welcome and for hosting such a successful evening for their friends and colleagues. I am still amazed that it's 2010 and here we are... Really, it's freaky. We have our fans to thank for our longevity as well as all the classic rock radio stations across the country who keep us alive on the air. BTW, thanks to Don Windsor for that great live photo you are looking at along with many others that he has taken on past shows. Some of these will be appearing on our website soon. I know, when will that be Jeff? How about I shoot for next week? My focus has been on some other Streetheart business that I am not at liberty to talk about currently. No cloak and dagger stuff just discretion at this point...
Uhhh, I am playing golf with my friend Jim (JJ) Johnson tomorrow at 6:50 am. JJ is the general manager of Rock 101/Vancouver Radio out here (home of Bro' Jake) and I hope to play well enough to get a spot on the Rock 101 golf team! (assuming they have one but really, I'm just looking for an invite to some of those cool events Rock 101 does during the course of the year. lol...) Anyways, I am looking forward to tomorrow, I can't promise a lot regarding the golf game. I've only played a few times this year so my 8 handicap will be tested somewhat. However, it's golf with chums so no matter how I play, it'll be a fine, fine day.
Ok, gotta go mow the lawns now and I'm putting (actually, executive producing) a new shower stall in the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Oh yeah, also recording a 60 sec TV spot for Hawaiian Tourism and hope to send a version off to the clients sometime today (actually, I'm almost done) so it's just another typical day around here. I hope by tomorrow night to be flat out on the sofa with my girl, vegging out and watching hockey. Bless us all for having a purpose...
Shine On You Crazy Diamonds,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jeff Tuesday March 09/10

Hey Kids, (and not just Sid)
Ok, it's post Olympic time in Vancouver and with the last vestiges of the celebrations being swept up and torn down by local contracters the city access is once again being handed back to the general public. It was a great party by all accounts and we looked good on all the American network television stations so, good for us. The Gold Medal Hockey game was perfectly scripted for the ages and over time I am certain the story will grow into legend. I tell ya though, I sure am glad Ryan Kessler plays for the Canucks. I could learn to hate him on any other team. BTW, he's one of my favorite players...
We were lucky enough to have been part of the festivities during the Olympics. We played the Commodore Ballroom on the 24th at the Manitoba Homecoming night and got to see our friends Bro' Jake and JJ from our fav music station in Vancouver, Rock 101. Nice to hang backstage with the guys and catch up a little. I've suggested to them to get me on the Rock 101 Golf team so I can put my 8 handicap to good use. Looking forward to that. Better bring my wallet I suspect...
We played the 2010 Olympic Celebration site out in Surrey the following night to a crowd of thousands of happy Olympic rock and rollers. It was a great event all round thanks to John Donnelly and his excellent staff who hosted and organized this first class show which ran every night of the Olympics. Thank you all for a great job. There are a couple of YouTube clips from the show that have been posted. Here are the links when you get a chance to have a look. BTW, these are brought to you courtesy of Jake Jacobs, our fabulous bass player and social director. Thanks Cake...
I've been dragging my ass a little the last couple of days as I seem to have picked up some kind of virus that has knocked me for a six. Sorry, that's an Australian/Cricket related expression. Ok, do you know anything about Cricket? Right, I didn't think so. Well, in Cricket when the bowler throws the ball towards the wicket and the batsman knocks it out of the playing field on the fly, that's a six as in, six runs scored. Kind of like a homerun in baseball except it counts as six runs (huh?). Anyways, the phrase "knocked for a six" means you've been kicked back considerably by something and are trying to recover... sorry, I noticed you just nodded off....
Hey, Look!!!!! Kate Moss fresh out of rehab!!!!!

Ok, now that I have your attention again...What the heck is with that stuff? I have had many friends over the years who have courageously, quietly and successfully gone about controlling their demons but in the Hollywood and the "I'm Famous" world it's seems to be treated as more of a spa vacation or even more ridiculous, a secluded and exclusive club to go and get covertly wasted! I have a hard time feeling sorry for some of these spoiled brats. However, I do have deep compassion for the invisible souls who are lost with literally nowhere to turn and don't have beauty, money or fame to conveniently spin their addictive behaviour into the "society's fault" category. I realize that just because they are famous does not make them perfect but seeing Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight again wishing some mollycoddled, b-list movie star good luck with their 4th trip to rehab and how we are all "pulling for them during this difficult time"... yikes. Let's get our priorities straight here. I'm on my way to the Union Gospel Mission this morning to make my donation to the UGM's upcoming Easter Dinner for those folks who have nowhere else to turn. It's a small gesture of human kindness and I urge you to do the same, if you can, wherever you live. I know how lucky I am. To have the luxury and abundance that I have makes me truly God blessed. I hope you feel the same way about your own life.
Right, that's it for me for today. I'm back to looking for deals on flights, routing shows and renting 15 passenger vans. Guess I'd better get dressed. Pretty sexy this rock and roll business...
Peace Out,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jeff Monday Feb.22/10

First off, I know you can't see the black ring of the Olympic logo against our black background, but it's there. Which reminds me, Kenny's new single, Black Is Black, is available right now on iTunes (Yes I know, a shameless promotion).
Ok, we're in a bit of trouble here, I'll admit it. Downhill skiing... not our forte apparently. Hockey... can anybody say Toblerone? (Ricola, RICOLA!!!!). I am however, enjoying these Winter Games immensely as the weather has allowed me to get out in the yard and work on the gardens and lawns of my home. I mean why not? It was 14 degrees yesterday and on Saturday I washed my car outside and honestly, I broke into a sweat it was that warm. Not so good if you are into the Super G... (on that note, my girlfriend called me an Olympian the other night but I don't think the IOC recognizes that as an official event, yet... (audience groan), Bada-Boom!... Well, at least I didn't get a DNF!). Anyways, enough with the cheekiness and double entendre say the good taste police...
It really has been a cool vibe out here with the Games so far and the true Canadian spirit is certainly alive in our neighborhood with Canadian flags and Olympic displays everywhere. I would imagine you've all seen some news footage of the Vancouver activities and outside of the usual over zealous participants from the Olympic Beer Drinking Freestyle, we as a country have been pretty well represented here even if the weather hasn't been so co-operative for outdoor winter sports. Oh right, I almost forgot, who's VISA card did Morgan Freeman say is covering the cost of this little party? I saw a clip of Gordon Campbell waving a Canadian flag at the hockey game with a bunch of empty seats around him. I know a lot of real hockey fans who would have loved those seats... Perhaps Gordo was just freshening the air a little. (Damn, I knew I shouldn't have eaten 3 of those spicy bratwurst's at the German Hospitality Haus!).
Really looking forward to our shows out here this week. We are playing the Commodore Ballroom Wednesday, the 24th of Feb. as part of the Manitoba Homecoming and then Thursday we will be at the 2010 Olympic Celebration site out in Surrey. We are very fortunate to be a part of this great, once in a lifetime event and our thanks to everyone involved who helped put it all together. I know many years from now being a part of this will likely have even more meaning to me. Isn't that the way it works? Our memories of things are often times much sweeter than when we were actually having the experience. I don't know what thats all about... it's a little too early in the day for me to have such deep thoughts... lol.
Well kids, just a quick hello to you all and I hope you enjoy yourselves watching the rest of the 2010 Games. I will be glued to the HD here at home, flying the flag, cheering on all of our great atheletes as a proud Canadian and BTW, we do live in the best country on the planet and I am a lucky soul to be here watching these Winter Games... on the deck, in my shorts and T-shirt. LMAO.
Let's Go Team Canada!!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jeff Monday Feb.01/10

Hey Out There,
Just been asked by Darryl C. about tickets for our show at the Commodore in Vancouver on the 24th of Feb. As a rule, we have very little to do with the marketing and distribution of tickets for shows. That is usually the exclusive domain and responsibility of the promoter. So Darryl, sorry bro' I don't have a good answer for you outside of check the Commodore website on this. I am fairly flat out with other Streetheart business at the moment. I'm trying to find some good deals on airline flights... However, if I get any info that could help you I will let you know.
I'm currently on the net listening to Q107 in Calgary AB as I am writing this. It's the morning show DJ'ed (is that a word?) by our friends Terry Dimonte and Patti MacNeil. They are playing Paradise Skies at the moment. One of my personal favs. Killer solo. Kim Mitchell is such a cool guitarist... I'll probably slide over to CITI FM in Winnipeg later. BTW, thanks to CITI and Q107 for getting behind Kenny's single (Black is Black) right out of the box. Keep requesting it out there my friends! Two great Classic Rock stations and both have been so good to us over the years. We are lucky that our music is played so consistently and is always available on the airwaves (and internet) for our fans. I have a lot of compassion for newer bands wondering how they will keep their music going in years to come... Oh yeah, right, they have the Internet, You Tube, Facebook as well as the radio and apparently, video killed the radio star anyways... Not so worried as I know that the great artists and great music always find a way to the people and smart, industrious men and women will always figure out how to get that great music to the fans. Speaking of that lofty and oft times elusive concept, I'd better go back to my hat rack and try on something else on for a while...
Oh yes, one more thing. Guys, don't forget Valentines Day on the 14th. Wanna play golf and drink beer with your chums later on this summer? Then don't forget about her and start thinking about it right now. Trust me... LMAO.
Rock on kids,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jeff Tuesday January 13/10

Happy New Year to everyone and all the very best for 2010! As you know by now Black Is Black and Best Of My Love are available right now on iTunes and we are very excited about the having this new material for you. This year promises to be a busy one for us if the first week of the year is any indication of things to come. Looking forward to a couple of shows in the Vancouver area during the Olympics although living here, the Olympics will be a bit of a hassle in regards to trying to get anywhere near the downtown core. They will essentially be shutting down the city centre during the Olympics and limit the access of the normal traffic flow. I am glad I don't have to commute... Anyways, a little chaotic but an interesting time to be in Vancouver nonetheless. Celebrated Christmas with my girlfriend last week since I was on the road during the Christmas holidays. As you know, we played a couple of shows as part of the World Junior Championships in Saskatoon and Regina. It was great doing those shows and as always, we were well taken care of by the organizers and support staff. Thanks to everyone for your help. Then we played Winnipeg NYE at the McPhillips Street Casino and I probably had as much fun as I have had on a New Years for a long time. The band was really tight after doing those shows in Saskatchewan just a few days earlier. NYE shows can get a bit weird sometimes but we had big fun and the crowd was terrific as it always is in Winnipeg of course. So with the strains of U2's New Years Day rolling around in my head I arrive home late Jan 01 via Air Canada (thanks for not losing my stuff at least), literally hit the ground running and have not stopped since that time. Speaking of running, I am on my way out the door to get new flooring for my recording studio so I won't ramble on too much more. I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all and as always, we are looking forward to a great 2010 (yikes!!!!!! really?) for Kenny and Streetheart and we hope you will be a big part of that with us. Oh yeah, get started on your taxes kids. April is coming. Yeah... I'm The Taxmaaaaaan.
Rock on... J.