Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeff Thursday Jan.22/09

A message to a friend out there...
I want to talk a bit about being bullied, feeling alone and how that can affect you. Seems when you are in the middle of it all you feel as though you are the only one who has ever been there and that you'll never get out alive. That sense of despair can be overwhelming. I remember it well. As a kid I was bullied severely after my family moved to a new town. I was so ashamed by it all that I never told my parents or my friends till much later in life. It was a daily agony, that sense of fear and it was so debilitating that my usual A+ grade point average plummeted to an all time low (that also was due to some terrible teachers as well at that time). I learned how to dummy down and avoid being noticed. I made some bad choices. Nobody liked a smart kid. Especially dumb ass bullies like the ones from my new school who hung around in small gangs and preyed on anyone who just happened to look wrong to them. When you're 11 or 12 and three guys a year or two older than you surround you (you see, these losers had already failed more than one year of school by that time) and tell you they're gonna kill you after school, well, you just believe them. You learn to run and hide from what seems like impossible odds and all the while you hate yourself for not standing up to them. This is the genesis of self loathing that can follow you into your adult life and hurts your adult choices if you're not careful.
For me I had music. It literally saved me. I was discovering my new talent and I practiced with a vengance born out of personal humiliation. Funnily enough, all my real friends at that time were a little older (fortunately, so too were the girls that hung around which ultimately, turned out to be real good thing, but that's another story...) and we were playing in bands together but they were all already in high school and lived a different life from 8:45am till 3:20pm. So there I was, in this weird temporary position of schoolyard prey by day and fledgling, junior rock star by night. It wasn't till a few years later and I finally got into high school myself that all the bullying stopped for me (not to mention the fact that I shot up to 6'2" over that summer. Funny how size matters.) The ones that hadn't quit school at 16 to work in the textile factory for $1.25 an hour went straight to the special bus and were never seen or heard from again. Those poor bastards. It wasn't till I became a bit older and figured out that "Shit Flows Downhill" theory. They were probably getting the crap beat out of them everynight at home and were taking it out on me during the day. It wasn't me. I was just a generic punching bag for their frustrations and anger. I hope they got some therapy along the way and got it together. Wait, that's a lie. The truth is I hope they're still making the minimum wage and are living a miserable life somewhere...(supposed to be funny).
What I am saying to you my friend, is that you are not alone here and you need to reach out and connect to the ones who love you now. Talk. Identify your passion and persue it faithfully. Give yourself a break. You can't figure this one out on your own. Everyone has obstacles to overcome in life and you can, with good and loving help, overcome any of your problems. Just don't try to do it alone. We need family and friends and don't worry, they will love you and support you through it all. It is worth the effort. Trust me on this...J.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeff Friday Jan.16/09

Hey, what's up...
Thought I'd drop a quick post in before my business day starts and I either forget or simply run out of gas. It's been a good week so far with some new dates coming in for the summer and later on in the year. It looks like we're solid at the Tim Horton's Brier in Calgary on March the 13th so I am now working on some other dates to go along with that if I can with the help of course, of my trusty agent...hey, sounds kinda like a Bond flick "The Man With the Golden Guitar" or hmmm... how about  "You Only Play Twice", no, that sounds like a gig on a cruise ship...ok, how about "Dr. Yes", no, I keep thinking Dr. Seuss. I'd use "Casino Royale With Cheese" but I think Quentin Tarantino (come on, hasn't everybody seen Pulp Fiction? know, "we're gonna get medieval on your ass"," Know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France?") has a hold on that. Ouch. Yeah, yeah...uh, ok, how about..."Thunderballs" no, that's too blatantly pornographic and sounds like either a Mel Brooks movie or the new AC/DC album (gotta love AC/DC ) although, Ursula Andress looked pretty good to me even though I was only about 7 years old (yeah, I had that birds and bees thang pretty much figured out by then). I'm running out of movies... come on Mr. Broccoli help me out here, alright, lets go with "Diamonds Aren't Forever, They're Just Expensive". Somehow that seems to work for me. Lol.
Ok I've run that completely into the ground now. 
Well kids, it's that time to get on to the phone and answer your email (singing...letters,we get letters...). I hope you all have a great weekend. We are, apparently, going to see some sun and warmer weather out here on the Westcoast this weekend which will be welcomed by me and every other moss covered denizen hiding out in their $600,000.00 2 bedroom condos. I tell ya, if it gets over 8 degrees I'm going golfing. Betcha wish you were out here, eh Jake? LMAO. et tu Brutal? Wow, this is a kickass cup of coffee...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jeff Friday Jan.09/09

Hey out there,
OK, catching up on the New Year and I have been answering your emails all morning while continuing to do battle with this evil cold virus that I have. We did have a couple of great shows last weekend in Red Deer (thanks for breakfast Larry) and the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary plus a terrific New Years Eve show in Regina at the Casino there which is always a blast. Great staff (thanks Karen) and kudos to Edgar and all the boys for a production job well done as usual. Hey Edgar hope your eye is feeling better and that your health gets back to normal real soon (ps, thanks for the spare Strat!). 
Yeah...the new Hits/Anthology CD is doing great and it's nice to finally have a good package of all the best Streetheart material for our fantastic fans. Bless you all for your patience and sorry it took so long but hey, I got stuff goin' on! To all those patient Witness fans my apologies on the delay of the Witness CD but it is a business protocol issue at the moment and that needs to be dealt with appropriately and respectfully so, I'll keep you posted but again, my apologies. If I could, I would hand deliver one to each of you and in a utopian state that would be the case but, this is reality so...hang in there kids.
Moving on now...I promised some of you this past weekend (don't worry, I remember you!) that I would keep up with the blog so I am here on that promise even though, I am currently sick, swamped with Streetheart biz and have been up since 6:30am (am I bitchin'?) trying to catch up. I have no idea when I am going to be working on the songwriter part of life which is what I do for a living, allegedly. lol. Actually I am starting on a new project that I am pretty excited about that requires my producing experience (basically that just means being bossy... which apparently comes quite naturally (again, supposed to be funny); see Aries profile) so, I'll just find time and make it all happen. Just glad I don't have a Jack Russel Terrier (or twins...).  Happy to see the rain back in Vancouver again as sometimes that snow thang and Vancouver drivers (not all of you, just that guy in the other lane) create a dangerous mix. Not me however, being a good Northern Ontario boy and all. I mean, we had snow 6 months of the year when I was a kid and we used to have to walk 5 miles to school, carrying a 78 pound sack, uphill, with no shoes, in a blizzard... OK, a little exaggerated yes, but I'm currently having a hypo-glycemic dip and need some food so, that's it for now and we'll see you next time for another exciting and lurid episode of "Who Wants to Be A Rockstar Anyway?" LMAO.
Peace Out,