Friday, April 16, 2010

Jeff Thursday April 16/10

Hey Kids,
I love this time of year. The weather today is sunny with a high temp of 18 C. The Canucks won a thriller in O/T last night and were one of the few teams so far (I know it's only one game) to take advantage of home ice and win the game they should have won. (OV where were you last night?). Right, did I mention we have the Art Ross winner on our team? Perhaps that has something to do with that. Way to go Henrick... pretty exciting for Vancouver Canuck fans as we've never had a scoring champion on our team so, it's kinda cool. FYI, earlier this year Hank and Daniel quietly donated 1.5 million dollars to Canuck Place which is the Canucks foundation/hospice that provides care to children with life threatening illnesses and loving support to their families. Make no mistake, these guys are class acts. They made that donation without fanfare and it just underscores how much they mean to this community and their commitment to giving back. I made my annual donation (a little less than 1.5 million BTW!) and it feels good to do my own small part along side these great young men. My girlfriend Lizzy loves these guys and (although the math doesn't quite work!) she likes to refer to them as her adopted sons. Gee, I don't know why.... any ideas?

Personally, I'm a big Ryan Kessler fan. Loved by his team, hated by his opponents. Fierce, talented and really, he should be the captain of the team (no offence Louie)... I'm just saying.
Anyways, today is a good day to say the least with the morning sun just beginning to heat up and the sound of the garbage truck in the alley. Ahhh... perfect.
Yeah, we've just finished a couple weekends of shows and I think we are off to a good start this year. We had a great Easter show at Silverados in Winnipeg (see above) and followed that with 2 shows in Lethbridge and Calgary which were both big fun as well. Also, I want to thank Brent Manning and all the folks in Morris MB for making us feel so welcome and for hosting such a successful evening for their friends and colleagues. I am still amazed that it's 2010 and here we are... Really, it's freaky. We have our fans to thank for our longevity as well as all the classic rock radio stations across the country who keep us alive on the air. BTW, thanks to Don Windsor for that great live photo you are looking at along with many others that he has taken on past shows. Some of these will be appearing on our website soon. I know, when will that be Jeff? How about I shoot for next week? My focus has been on some other Streetheart business that I am not at liberty to talk about currently. No cloak and dagger stuff just discretion at this point...
Uhhh, I am playing golf with my friend Jim (JJ) Johnson tomorrow at 6:50 am. JJ is the general manager of Rock 101/Vancouver Radio out here (home of Bro' Jake) and I hope to play well enough to get a spot on the Rock 101 golf team! (assuming they have one but really, I'm just looking for an invite to some of those cool events Rock 101 does during the course of the year. lol...) Anyways, I am looking forward to tomorrow, I can't promise a lot regarding the golf game. I've only played a few times this year so my 8 handicap will be tested somewhat. However, it's golf with chums so no matter how I play, it'll be a fine, fine day.
Ok, gotta go mow the lawns now and I'm putting (actually, executive producing) a new shower stall in the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Oh yeah, also recording a 60 sec TV spot for Hawaiian Tourism and hope to send a version off to the clients sometime today (actually, I'm almost done) so it's just another typical day around here. I hope by tomorrow night to be flat out on the sofa with my girl, vegging out and watching hockey. Bless us all for having a purpose...
Shine On You Crazy Diamonds,