Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jeff Thursday June 26/08

Just a quick note and check in as I am getting ready to fly to Ontario to do some shows back east this weekend. I've been working on liner notes/credits and practicing this week. You know, I am apparently in the business of being really good so, I have to work at that all the time... lol. It does not come as naturally to me as it does to some other players that I know so practice, practice for Jeff! Other than getting ready for the weekend, all is good and basically normal today, slightly stressful but all in all manageable. Have a great weekend y'all and I'll talk to you when I get back...J.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Jeff Monday June 23/08

OK, Let me tell you out there that life has been very busy lately as in the last few months with the new Greatest Hits/Anthology CD, which is pretty much done and just needs to be pushed over the finish line now. It is a long and patient procedure which I won't bore you with details but between that and setting up our summer touring schedule there has been little time for extra things like keeping up on the blog because to be honest with you after working the phones all day and doing the business I sometimes look for an end to the day and sometimes things get let go. I have a lot on my plate everyday as so many of you do, so I know you appreciate the burn factor. Alright... enough of that. I am just making a quick entry to let you know I am out here as I have been getting grief from some of not blogging. You know I am a golf fanatic and I haven't even picked up my clubs for over a you KNOW that I'm busy. I'll try to keep up a bit better now that some of my bigger projects are getting completed and the summer schedule and all that related biz is getting finalized. I always enjoy your comments and interest plus I consider you all important friends so keep at me! It is good that you are out there and I'm grateful for that. Anyways, hope you are enjoying the summer so far and again, sorry for the big gap in time but know that the band is in good spirits, we are very busy and playing killer so get out to a show and see us and if you have a moment please say HELLO!!!!!! L8r...J.