Friday, March 30, 2007

Jeff Fri. Mar.30/07

Hey,I don't even have Storyteller...However,soon it'll all be available on our site.Sorry I haven't been much around this week.I've had family in from out of town and have been finishing up a CD project that I've been producing here in Vancouver.For all of you out in the Winnipeg area, Kenny and I will be on CBC Radio One on April 4th. which is the day before the Winnipeg show at Mybar.We'll be on at 5:00 pm Wpg. time for 1/2 an hour playing a bit and talking about Streetheart so check it out.We've got more dates coming up for us all across the country and as soon as our webmaster gets back from his holidays I'll post the new stuff.As I mentioned in my last last post Kenny is coming back out here next month to work some more on his new CD and I'm hoping to have that finished soon.We've had some delays with life and stuff but it will be worth the wait I promise you.Thangs are good out here on the coast.It finally stopped raining after what seemed like 3 months (and I just finished building my ark too)so the summer lies ahead for us all.Looking forward to seeing you all out there soon at the shows.More to come.J.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jeff Wed. Mar.21/07

Hey Electroman...Appreciate the support.We are doing what we can at present to make our records available to you so stay with us. You can keep informed on our site.Currently I am finishing a solo record for Kenny and that will soon be available as well.He's coming back out to Vancouver to record a few more songs with me and I must say Kenny is singing amazing as one would expect and I'm sure you'll love what he's doing.(Of course I'm biased.He's one of my all time favorite singers...hey boss!)
Got a few new dates.Winnipeg at Mybar,Transcona on April 5th.Get your tickets soon as the Winnipeg shows sell out fast and we always have a great time.For those of you on the West coast we are playing the Red Robinson Theatre at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam on May 11th..We haven't played there yet but I hear through the grapevine that it is quickly gaining a solid reputation as one of the great new rooms to see bands play in so we are looking forward to that.Opening for us will be our pals George Belanger and the Harlequin boys so it should be a fun night full of great songs.Get a designated driver!
Thanks for the emails regarding the site.We are taking all of your info and working to make the site better visually and content wise.Any thoughts are always appreciated.Our webmaster is on holidays at the moment(Hey Loren who said you could stop working!)so I am on watch while he's away.So don't ask me to do anything too gyro.Remember I'm a guitar player.We're not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes.(he says with much feigned humility).
Well,I gotta go.It's springtime and I'm re-doing the basement so it's off with the geek hat and into some coveralls...J.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jeff Thursday 8:53 am

I have been getting a lot of emails regarding our back catalogue.It's really great that so many of you are seeking out Streetheart music but unfortunately it appears to be extremely difficult to find judging by your emails.Even I have a hard time finding any of our old stuff.As you may have probably noticed a lot of your old fav's outside of the typical and obvious reissues are just about non-existant. So...Let's just say,hypothetically,that we found a way to make the Streetheart back catalogue or as much of it as possible available to you.Would you be interested?Which albums would you most likely want to own given the choice and the opportunity to do so?I'm just curious to know.Come on...give me something to work with here.We are getting a pretty good idea in our website polls but I 'd like to be as close to 100% sure as possible.It may be a little way off but it's never too soon to know where you stand.
Looking forward to playing a lot of music this summer.More new dates are beginning to come through and I believe we'll have our busiest year yet.Lots of great shows throughout Western Canada and I hope we'll finally get a chance to play back east again for all of our friends there.It's been too long but still it's been good to connect with so many of you through our website.So stay sharp,we're coming.
Talk to you soon....J.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jeff Tuesday 9:54 am

OK...Yeah Kevin,Storyteller good to know these things about these songs.We are talking a greatest hits CD put together by the band and I'd also like to include a disc of fav album cuts too.Good idea?Gimme some thoughts out there!
We've done a few shows this year that you may or may not know about.In January we played the now famous Tour Tech Christmas Party out in Halifax which is TT'S thank you to friends and clients from all over the North America.Plus it is also a chance to show off all their new gear of which we had the pleasure of using.To everyone in production and setup beautiful job,amazing gear.You guys really know what good is.Everyone in the band was very impressed.Special shout out to the wonderful Lori Laderoute for making us feel so welcome and for the well run and fun party.See you all soon!
In February we played the Casino in Regina which was a sellout show again and we were finally able to do a meet and greet with our friends and fans there .Thanks to all of those who stood so patiently in line to say hello.It means a lot to us all for you to come out and see us.We had a great show even though I had a busted up ring finger that night.For those who heard all the guitar clangers sorry...I only had 3 good fingers!(somehow that sounds weird)All's well again however.Hey Edgar,thanks for the spare Strat and Ian as always, great job!
Finally we played another sold out show at the Winter Carnival in Thunder Bay for 8,000 freezing and fantastic fans.You guys are CRAZY and we loved every minute of it all.To the girl who threw her bra...kinda cold isn't it!Again thanks to Chris Fisek and his staff for a well run show and Wendel Clarke for the intro.Kudos for taking good care of us.Cheers.We also got to see our good friend Greg Malo who as you may know is responsible for almost all the photos on our website.Greg was out shooting again at the show so we look forward to posting some more of his fine work asap.You rock bro'.
Well,I could chat all day but I got a life to lead,songs to write and bills to pay.Later.J.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jeff later Saturday

Hey kids...Well I have a few minutes to ramble on a bit so,why not!First of all thank you Mariha for being the first to find our blog and thanks for the kind words.We appreciate everybody's support and sorry it took so long for us to get out on the web but here we are.Our site is up and running now thanks to the generous gifts of time and talent from those who contributed so much. (doesn't that sound too much like an awards show?)Anyways,we are working to provide an enjoyable and informative site for you all to keep in touch with everything that we have going on currently.If you haven't been to our website yet we welcome you to come take a look at have a few polls for you to answer too if you'd like.Thanks to all who have voted so far.Your input is essential to us.We plan on putting together a definitive Streetheart Greatest Hits collection compiled by the band{finally) and your votes will help us make sure that nobody's favourite song is left out.We have listed what we feel are the popular choices but if you have "others" please enter them.I realize you can't see the list of the "others" but we do keep track on our end.Remember only one vote per catagory per address so vote well!Also,don't be shy about letting us know what you think about the site.ALL comments are noted and honest input directed at us is really helpful and appreciated.Oh yeah, check us at youtube but ,if you're here... then you've already been there so,don't go can email us as well if you want at Ok that's all for now.I know its not a novel but I have a dinner date...see ya! J.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Welcome to the Kenny Shields and Streetheart blog.
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