Friday, January 28, 2011

Jeff Friday Jan.28/11

The Centre Of The Universe... where do you think that lies? Some say trillions of light years away while others seem to think in much smaller terms. They actually believe that every tiny thing they do or say is so important that everything that exists has to stop everything it is doing and pay reverent regard to their pontifications. Well, I think that's a load of crap and apparently, so did Einstein although, he would have put it much more eloquently than yours truly! Not that I would ever compare myself to one of civilization's greatest citizens for a nanosecond but, he did have one hell of a brain and one or two good ideas that had some merit (I'm being cheeky here BTW). Anyways, I just wanted to share with you a clever link that a good friend of mine sent to me this morning about the size of things. It is worth going through for your own entertainment but, you also get a small grasp of where we fit into the universe. The link should open up on the scale at about where we exist (in relative size) within the universe. Scroll from left to right (if you can't figure that out then maybe this is too much for you... lol) and just take in the info and how it all progresses. Kinda fun and puts some things into perspective and, as it says at the end, we are probably not the centre of the universe, which could be the biggest understatement ever! Hope you enjoy it a little.
Ok, this is suppose to be a rock and roll blog right? Alright then. We are off to the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary to play tomorrow night. 2011 is already looking very good for us and this is kind of the beginning of what I predict will be another great year of shows and reconnecting with our fantastic fans within in our own particular universe. I know we'll see some of you tomorrow night and for those heavenly bodies and shooting stars missing in action, I'll get back to you next week and tell you how much fun we had! Rock on children...

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